Warcraft: 10 Deadly Facts About Orgrim Doomhammer You Need To Know

Warcraft Orgrim Doomhammer Fan Art

Orgrim Doomhammer is a well-known figure in Azeroth. Warchief of the Old Horde and Chieftain of the Blackrock Clan, he led the orcs during the end of the First War and throughout the Second War. During his eventful life, he changed the destiny of the orc race and the Horde as a whole, helping them become what we know today. His influence is so great that the Orc capital, Orgrimmar, is named after him.

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Over time, he would rise to power and betray some of those closest to him, albeit with good intentions. While the Prophet Velen declared him pure of heart back when he was a child, his journey was not without bloodshed and violence. Here are 10 deadly facts about Orgrim Doomhammer.

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Durotan and Orgrim in the Warcraft movie
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10 He Went Against His Tribe

Durotan and Orgrim in the Warcraft movie

As a child, Orgrim was part of the Blackrock clan. He met and formed a relationship with Durotan of the Frostwolves. This was considered against the tradition of the clans they belonged to.

Regardless, the two persisted and their bond was strengthened through their disregard for the rules. Sneaking out, spying on clan leaders, and going to forbidden places together would see their rivalry turn into a strong friendship, which continued for many years.

9 He Tried To Destroy The Doomhammer

Orgrim's Doomhammer

After Telkar’s death, the Doomhammer was passed down to Orgrim, his son. As wielder of the great weapon, Orgrim ascended to be second-in-command to Blackhand.

When the Blackrock clan faced the prospect of extermination due to an ogre attack, Orgrim returned to the spot in which Doomhammer was forged. He was haunted by a prophecy that the wielder of it would doom his people, so Orgrim tried to unmake its destiny but still retain its power. This displeased the elemental spirits, who took back the weapon. Later, after the ogres were defeated, Blackhand would return the hammer to Orgrim.

8 He Gave In To Gul‘dan’s Bloodlust

Warcraft Gul'dan artwork

As Blackhand’s second-in-command, Orgrim would find himself embroiled in a war against the Draenei, which he internally opposed. Despite his reluctance, Orgrim followed Blackhand’s orders, which saw him give in to the bloodlust cultivated by Gul’dan and his fel magic.

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This act was a turning point, however, as Orgrim began to contemplate the thought that the orcs had been deceived. These thoughts would soon take form into actions as the war continued and Orgrim became more and more uneasy with his leaders.

7 He Deceived Gul’Dan & Blackhand

WoW NPC Blackhand

Orgrim’s first act of deception took place after he’d been left horrified by the effects of fel magic on Draenor. Seeing the rivers and forests visibly corrupted at Gul’dan’s hand had changed the way Orgrim felt about his leaders.

Later, Gul’dan unveiled a pool of Mannoroth’s blood and invited the chieftains to drink the felblood, although he did not reveal its source. Orgrim and Durotan would both decline. Orgrim deceived Gul’dan, claiming he was unworthy to drink from the same cup as Blackhand. It worked. Orgrim was seen as a loyal servant, although Durotan’s refusal would see his clan exiled.

6 He Was Seeking Revenge For Durotan & Draka’s Murders

Warcraft Movie's Durotan and Draka

After Durotan and Draka’s baby was born, Durotan made a decision to reconnect with Orgrim in order to help the orcs. Orgrim shared Durotan’s dislike of fel magic and his misgivings about the Horde’s leadership. A meeting between the two took place, during which Durotan shared all he knew. This included the fact that Gul’dan was in league with a dark force.

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Afterward, Orgrim sent his most loyal guards to protect Durotan on his journey back to where his clan had made their home. Instead, loyal to the Shadow Council, they killed him and Draka, leading to Orgim seeking vengeance.

5 He Razed Villages To The Ground

WoW Swamp of Sorrows screenshot

Orgim was biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike back at the corrupt Horde leadership. During this time, the war was still ongoing, and as Blackhand’s second-in-command, he was expected to play his part.

After the unsuccessful attempt to ally with the forest trolls, Orgrim was assigned to an outpost in the Swamp of Sorrows. From here, he led troops who razed Grand Hamlet to the ground, leaving no survivors. He also led attacks on the Deadmines and Sunnyglade. These paved the way for the destruction of Northshire Abbey, Goldhshire, and Moonbrook.

4 He Challenged Blackhand & The Alliance... & Won

A Render artwork of Stormwind

As the Shadow Council sat in disarray after the failed attack on Stormwind City, Orgim saw his chance. He challenged Blackhand to Mak’gora—a duel to the death. He also accused him of being a traitor and selling his people into the servitude of dark forces. Blackhand had no choice but to participate, lest he lose the respect of the Horde.

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After several hours, Orgim was victorious. He defeated Blackhand with a blow to the head, using his mighty Doomhammer. Shortly afterward, Orgim led a victorious assault on Stormwind, ending the First War.

3 He Destroyed The Shadow Council

WoW Blackrock Mountain screenshot

The victory over the Alliance felt uneasy, but Orgim moved his focus to ensure the Shadow Council was dismantled. Most of the warlocks had fled, but Orgrim hunted down and killed as many of them as he could find.

After Gul’dan’s puppet, Garona, revealed the Shadow Council’s secret refuge in Blackrock Spire, Orgrim was able to complete his task. While Orgrim spared Cho’gall and Garona, the rest of the Council were all but eliminated as he tried to remove the corruption of fel magic from the Horde.

2 He Was Responsible For Many Atrocities During The Second War

WoW Death Knight art from Wrath of the Lich King

Orgim felt that the Horde’s only hope for survival was to strike first in order to defend their newly-acquired land. He knew the Alliance had forces in the north and set his sights on conquering Lordaeron. However, the Horde's resources were vastly depleted from the First War.

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This led to Orgrim feeling forced to make a deal with Gul’dan, who had awakened from his coma. The deal would lead to the creation of Death Knights, formed from fallen Shadow Council members. While Orgrim was uneasy about the Death Knights, he needed their power. The army would go on to wage war across Azeroth.

1 He Met A Terrible End

Warcraft Orgrim Doomhammer Fan Art

Over the time of the war, Orgrim secured the allegiance of Zul’jin and the Armani tribe, as well as that of Thrall and Drek’Thar. He also gained the respect of Grommash Hellscream and his clan.

So it was that Orgrim, Thrall, Drek’Thar, Hellscream, and the Warsong clan set out to free the imprisoned orcs. They easily stormed the first four camps, but at the fifth, things would change. The Alliance was prepared and a force of mounted knights ambushed the orcs.

Orgrim met his end when he was mortally wounded while trying to flee, impaled by a lance in the chaos. With his dying breath, he gave the title of Warchief to Thrall, along with his hammer. The camp where he fell is the Horde base of Hammerfall.

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