Warcraft Director Duncan Jones Talks Blade Runner-Inspired Mute

Mute - Dark Horse comic book adaptation - Duncan Jones

Ahead of the theatrical release of the video game adaptation that is Warcraft from director Duncan Jones (Source Code) this June, the filmmaker who also brought the cult-hit science-fiction drama/thriller Moon to audiences (back in 2009) already has plans for his next project: Mute. The film will mark a return to Jones' earlier work following his first foray into the world of big-budget blockbusters with Warcraft, and is set to star Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgård in a self-professed passion project that has been in the making since the very beginning of Jones' career.

Little is known as of yet about the specifics regarding the new film's plot and characters, beyond an enigmatic starting premise, though illustrations from Jones and Glenn Fabry's Mute Dark Horse graphic novel (see above) hints at a dystopia epic reminiscent of Blade Runner. That Ridley Scott film's landmark aesthetic influence reportedly had a little more than a passing influence on Jones' creative process in conceiving Mute, according to the filmmaker himself.

In a recent conversation with Empire, Jones stated that his new film will offer something more akin in tone and content to that of his early successes, with a story that will place itself alongside his formerly mentioned forays into the realm of science-fiction and genre filmmaking.

Duncan Jones' Mute - concept art
Mute concept art

Speaking to the exact feel and nature of Mute, Jones stated:

"It’s a thriller with a very weird tone. It goes very dark, then it also goes very darkly funny. It’s science-fiction urban, so it certainly owes some of its influence to Blade Runner."

Jones was also quick to cite the direct inspiration lent to Mute by other noted classics of twentieth century cinema, describing the film's setting as, "The Casablanca of the future," and its story as playing out like, "Paul Schrader’s Hardcore meets Robert Altman’s MASH." The film's plot is currently slated to feature a narrative that follows a mute man, named Leo, who finds himself searching for a missing person in twenty-first century Berlin. Such a story could very well lend itself to a potentially violent film in keeping with the very best work of Schrader, while maintaining a surreality that borders on the comic (like that of the work of Altman) with just a touch of the exotic in its setting ( a la Casablanca).

Given Jones' impressive resume thus far, Mute should serve Jones well, and potentially clear his head following the undoubted pressures of working on a major motion picture as large as Warcraft. Until production officially begins on Jones' next science-fiction opus, fans of the cult-hit filmmaker can begin anticipating his blockbuster feature due out this summer - a film that looks to bring the director's singular vision and formidable narrative scope to mainstream moviegoers.

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Source: Empire

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