War on Everyone Trailer: Alexander Skarsgård & Michael Peña Team Up

War on Everyone sees the release of a brand new trailer for the buddy cop comedy co-starring Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña.

War on Everyone Trailer #3

Following its premiere screening at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year - in addition to its stateside debut at South by Southwest this past summer - War on Everyone is the latest directorial outing from acclaimed English-Irish writer and director John Michael McDonagh of The Guard and Calvary fame. Starring True Blood alumnus Alexander Skarsgård and Ant-Man and The Martian blockbuster star Michael Peña, McDonagh's latest comedy revolves around a pair of corrupt New Mexico cops intent on blackmailing and framing each and every criminal they come across - at least, until one potential mark proves to be far more dangerous than expected.

McDonagh has already made a name for himself as a rising director to look out for, and Skarsgård and Peña appear to be ready to deliver the goods in what is shaping up to be a thoroughly entertaining buddy cop comedy feature. Only time will tell whether or not War on Everyone proves to be a significant box office draw when it finally makes its way to domestic theaters across the country. As for those interested in what the movie has to offer, the latest trailer has just been released online.

In the footage featured above, distributor Saban Films teases viewers with another batch of footage that highlights the uproarious antics on full display throughout McDonagh's latest directorial outing. Including supporting turns from the likes of Paul Reiser (Whiplash), Tessa Thompson (Creed), and Theo James (Divergent), War on Everyone appears primed to take the basic buddy cop formula for another thrilling joy ride.

War on Everyone Trailer #3

McDonagh's talents behind the camera are well established, and as such his latest effort should see the English/Irish filmmaker rising among the ranks of Hollywood's boldest and brightest. Offering some of the same sophomoric good will as the likes of this past year's The Nice Guys as well as the forthcoming British action comedy Free FireWar on Everyone will have plenty of predecessors and contemporaries of the genre to live up to when it finally reaches American audiences.

Skarsgård is always a welcome presence on the big screen whose imposing size and steely cool demeanor make him one of the more intimidating actors currently working in Hollywood, and Peña has always been a dependable character actor able to perform both dramatically and comedically. As a team in War on Everyone, the two movie stars look to be in for another respectable on screen success story to add to their respectively impressive resumes.

Screen Rant will keep you updated regarding the U.S. release date for War on Everyone.

Source: Saban Films

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