Wanted: Brace Yourselves For A Wild Ride

At the Universal panel, we were treated to an entire scene from the upcoming action film Wanted.

You'd better brace yourselves for this one, folks.

The action in Wanted is going to be ultra-over-the-top. Basically I felt like I was watching a superhero movie, even though it's actually about an elite group of assassins with no super-powers.

The sequence was not quite complete in regards to music (Danny Elfman is scoring) and visual effects, but it definitely gave us the tone of the film.

The scene that was shown was the one we see in the trailer that starts out at the mini-mart where Jolie introduces herself to James McAvoy's character. An assassin is there to kill McAvoy and she saves him in an extended gunfight sequence that is very effective at showing her skill and experience.

Unfortunately, McAvoy's character freaks out (as I'm sure any of us would) and takes off running, which removes him from Jolie's protection. As he's about to be run down by the bad guy in a delivery truck (with cute puppy or kitten on the side), she swoops in with a Dodge Viper and does the most amazing "scoop" of a passenger I've ever seen.

That was extremely cool. However...

From there I started to get more than a bit annoyed at McAvoy's character continually screaming, whining, etc. I understand that he is playing the "relatable" character, but damn... don't be that much of a wuss.

For the record, I found James McAvoy to be extremely polite and charming and polite, so that's no reflection on him personally.

Jolie in this scene leaves you with your jaw on the floor from the stunts her character is performing, including smashing out the windshield so she can lie on the hood and shoot back at the bad guy while still semi-driving with her foot. There was humor in the scene as McAvoy even in his terror was distracted by the fact that he was able to look up Jolie's skirt.

All this was great (despite the whining) but the finale of the scene in my opinion took the "curving bullet trajectory" thing we've seen in the trailer WAY too far, and then the way they escape is so over the top as to strain even movie-physics credulity.

I'll be interested to see how audiences react to Wanted, which opens on June 27.

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