SDCC '09: Wanted 2 Update

Ok, so if you’ve been keeping abreast of our coverage of the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, which I’m sure you have, then you know that our boys have been out there running themselves ragged, attending quorums and panels, asking the hard hitting questions.

Well during the SDCC the subject of Wanted 2 came up.  It seems that Mark Millar, the mind behind Wanted, is getting a bit ahead of himself; he told Coming Soon during a conversation about Kick-Ass that production for the sequel, set to star James MacAvoy again, will begin in eight weeks?

That sounded fishy to the guys over at Coming Soon, so they went over Millar’s head to Timur Bekmambetov, the director of the Wanted and its sequel, who told them that Millar, rather than presenting the facts, may just have been playing the provocateur. Bekmambetov adjusted Millar’s comment, saying that pre-production on Wanted 2 will most likely begin in eight weeks, a process that could take several months.


Chalk this up to Millar’s excitement over the sequel. If you’ve read his comic miniseries, the source material for the movies, then you know that the first film departed rather broadly from the original text. So is the coming sequel going to be an adaptation of the comic, an extension of the movie’s version of the comic, or some amalgamation of the two? And, can they really resurrect Angelina Jolie's character?

Either way, if the sequel can repeat the success of the first ($75 million, earned $341.4 million worldwide in theaters), it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  And regardless of how much we question its potential, Millar’s comments on his website demonstrate his confidence in the project: “We’ll see...but everyone knows this is going to make a LOT of dough.” A little healthy self confidence never hurt anyone right?  Maybe that’s why Millar’s IMDB page already indicates a Wanted 3 in the works.

Source:  Coming Soon, Movie Moron

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