Mark Millar Talks Post-Jolie 'Wanted 2' Plans

There's been a lot going on behind the scenes with the planned sequel to 2008's Wanted, a film that made $340 million worldwide, thereby justifying a sequel (remember, the movie business is a business). It was reported last summer that Wanted star Angelina Jolie would be reprising her role as Fox in Wanted 2.

When that rumor was announced, fans everywhere raised their hands politely (yeah right!) and asked [SPOILER ALERT!!!] how can Jolie come back for Wanted 2 if she was killed at the end of the first one?

Yeah, well, there was no need for such questions, as it was reported not too long ago that Jolie had departed Wanted 2 (reportedly to star in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity but that was later proven false). Since then, the writer of the Wanted comic book, Mark Millar (Kick-Ass), has spoken to STV and proclaimed that Wanted 2 will be moving ahead, sans Jolie.

So in an update to this whole Wanted 2 situation, Millar spoke to MTV about the movie and as far as he knows, the plan is to move ahead with the sequel (as Millar keeps reminding us, the first made too much money) and to bring in "another cool new character" as well as the other assassin fraternities (in the comic there were five all across the world).

Check out the short video interview with Millar below:

Now that we know Jolie is definitely not starring in Wanted 2 (I'm betting Universal had to get their act together quick to get a rewrite done when she left the project), I must say I'm glad to hear it. Her character [SPOILER ALERT once again!] died at the end of the first film and there was no mistaking it. The rumors that they would "heal" her character in those milk baths  we saw in the first film just seemed silly and too over-the-top  - even for Wanted (which was pretty ridiculous and over-the-top already).

I agree with Millar - it just seemed ridiculous and it's best they move on without Jolie's character.

As far as the story for Wanted 2, I like the idea that Millar talked about last month when he said that James McAvoy's character would now be out in the world being hunted by all these different assassin fraternities. There's so much possibility for cool new characters and globe-trotting action.

Angelina Jolie in Wanted

What do you think of Wanted 2 moving ahead without Angelina Jolie? What sort of plot would you like the sequel to have?

No word on when Wanted 2 might start filming - but according to Millar, it should be "soon."

Source: MTV

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