Want To See ALL The New Star Trek Remastered Updates?

When the idea was floated to update all the USS Enterprise exterior visual effects shots from Star Trek, the original series (aka TOS to long time fans) for a re-release of the show in syndication I was a bit worried. After all, just as much as we're worried about them mucking up the classic NCC-1701 in the upcoming Star Trek 11 movie, it would have been far worse to mess with the ship in it's original context.

And then I saw the first episode and discovered my fears were completely unjustified.

The VFX team did a wonderful job of recreating the ship and updating the exterior shots with more up to date and less static flybys. They didn't add anything to the design, not even in the outer skin of the ship, but instead just took the old one and in effect made it high definition.

Even if you had the pre-remastered version of the series on DVD, which was cleaned up so much that you can now see the seam between Nimoy's ear and the prosthetic, the exterior shots still looked grainy and scratchy. There are some folks up in arms about this remastering but I've been extremely happy with it.

So if you haven't seen the new version or even heard about it, here's your chance to see every single visual effects shot they've updated so far in one four minute clip:

So what do you think? Pretty sweet as far as I'm concerned. I think it makes TOS watchable for the current generation.

Thanks to TrekMovie for pointing this out.

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