Want To Know What Inspired Eli Roth's Hostel Movies?


His list is comprised entirely of obscure Italian horror films that you probably have indeed never heard of (I know I certainly hadn't). The films include titles like Torso, Who Can Kill A Child, and Night Train Murders. He refers to these as a genre known as "giallo films," which, since I don't speak Italian I have no idea what that means.

I don't know about you, but I don't know how much credence I can give to movie recommendations by a 35 year old guy who can't seem to describe one without using the word "f**k". Ok, so he doesn't use that word to describe one of the films... I guess that's the one he liked least.

At the end of the list he talks a little about what he's working on next, including his movie that will consist of nothing but fake trailers, similar to his Grindhouse trailer for the fake movie Thanksgiving. He says "It'll be full-on Monty Python silliness."

It sounds like a pretty cool concept, I mean who doesn't like movie trailers? But I don't know if I could sit through an hour and a half of them if they're all reminiscent of his Thanksgiving trailer.

For the full list, including his description of the films and why he thinks they're "f**king awesome" head on over to

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