Want Even More King Arthur? Get Ready For Pendragon

If you thought that it was confusing a few days ago when we reported that Guy Ritchie was developing a re-imagining of Excalibur at Warner Bros. (alongside Bryan Singer who is also developing a remake of Excalibur at er.. Warners) well here comes news that Sylvain White, the director of The Losers also has a King Arthur inspired film in development over at 20th Century Fox called Pendragon.

It’s all true - we’re not jousting. I mean jesting. Hey, that works too!

According to The LA Times, White’s  film (which has been written by Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy) is set to be a “prequel” of sorts that shows how Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere meet at Camelot.

Pendragon is medieval for Chief Dragon or King, which in the lingo of today means leader, boss or big cheese or as he's known round these parts, Vic (Screen Rant Editor-in-Chief).

I can only assume, that as Pendragon is a prequel,  it’ll be aimed at a younger audience than the Singer and Ritchie projects.  White also directed Stomp the Yard, which again makes me think that it’ll follow the youthful Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere in as their love triangle unfolds. Stomp the Courtyard if you will.

It’s not new for Hollywood to put similar projects into development at the same time. Twenty years ago saw dueling Robin Hood films and a decade or so ago saw Armageddon and Deep Impact fight for big screen attention. The King Arthur legend has endured for hundreds of years, so its not surprising that it’s ripe for another interpretation (even if the last one was only a few years ago).

After pondering this for all of five minutes – I’ve come up with my own take on the everlasting story:

A high school-based take on the legend. Art is the leader of the Football team, the Camelot Knights, and his best friend and right-hand man is Lance, but their friendship is put into jeopardy by the arrival of new girl in town Guine. This comes at a critical juncture as the team (who have a circular locker room) are on a quest for the holy grail – the Camelot Cup!

Well, it is something different!

Screen Rant will give you updates on Pendragon and the other King Arthur inspired projects as we get them!

Source: The LA Times

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