WandaVision Theory: New Vision Is From An Alternate Reality

Marvel's WandaVision TV series could introduce a brand new version of Vision - one who originates from an alternate reality. The next two years will see the MCU expand at an unprecedented rate, with Marvel Studios producing a range of MCU TV shows exclusive to Disney+. The most curious of these is a series called WandaVision, which stars Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany's Vision.

The problem is that Vision was killed in Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos and his forces arrived on Earth in order to acquire the Mind Stone, and the Avengers attempted to extract this from Vision's forehead in order to safely dispose of it. Unfortunately, they were too late, and in the end a powerless Vision found himself at Thanos' nonexistent mercy. The Mad Titan tore the Mind Stone from Vision's skull, destroying his brain in the process, killing him. It was an apparently final death, and didn't number among those reversed in Avengers: Endgame.

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The obvious question, then, is just how Vision is going to return for WandaVision, in which he is to play a starring role in WandaVision. One possible answer is that he originates from an alternate dimension, summoned by the Scarlet Witch.

Marvel Studios Seem To Be Retconning Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch MCU Photo

Wanda Maximoff was introduced as a "miracle" in Avengers: Age of Ultron; she and her brother Pietro were the only two people to have survived Hydra's experiments with the Mind Stone. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's powers were explained in throwaway dialogue by Maria Hill when she briefed the Avengers. "He's got increased metabolism and improved thermal homeostasis. Her thing is neural electric interfacing, telekinesis, mental manipulation," she told Steve Rogers. "He's fast and she's weird." It was a markedly different origin to the comics, where Wanda is variously a mutant, a sorceress, or some combination of both.

Marvel appears to be retconning Scarlet Witch's powerset and origin story. In an interview back in 2016, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige suggested that Wanda's powers work in exactly the same way as Doctor Strange's. "It's all about focus," he explained. "It's all about pulling energies from other dimensions in an organized and purposeful fashion." This moves Wanda a lot closer to the comics; there, Wanda is able to manipulate something called "Chaos Magic," which affects probability and the structure of reality itself. This retcon is presumably important for both WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Scarlet Witch Could Create Her Own Vision Family

Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled

Both the comics and the movies appear to have suggested that there's a connection between Wanda's powers and her poor psychological health and lack of emotional discipline. The more upset Wanda is, the more she instinctively tugs on the fabric of reality itself. That's all the more dangerous given these are abilities she neither earned nor understood. "Can you understand the delicate mindset of a woman, a person, who has control over reality," Doctor Strange asked the Avengers in Avengers #503. "It means reality controls her. Imagination becomes the enemy. Structure disappears." Every day, Wanda faced the subtle temptation to wish away anything bad that happened to her. If the MCU version is going down this route, then that naturally means Scarlet Witch will want to reverse Vision's death - just as she did in Avengers #503, when a horrified Captain America stumbled into a fake reality Wanda had created where Vision was still alive, and where she had two children.

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Elizabeth Olsen herself has said this is a story she'd love to explore. She described "a comic book series of The Vision and Scarlet Witch having a make-believe family," and of course it all went disastrously wrong when "they [Vision and her family] have to tell her that she was make-believing the entire time." It would certainly be comic-book-accurate for the MCU to reveal that WandaVision's version of Vision was just a figment of Scarlet Witch's imagination. But there is also another possibility; that rather than create Vision and her family, Wanda "steals" them from another timeline.

Scarlet Witch Could "Steal" Her Family From Another Reality

Scarlet Witch and Vision

The MCU has been setting up the Multiverse since Thor, and it increasingly looks as though this concept - which embraces alternate timelines and other planes of reality such as Doctor Strange's Dark Dimension - will be key to the MCU's Phase 4. If that's the case, it's possible that a sorceress like Wanda could unwittingly draw people from one timeline to another as a form of wish-fulfillment. Thus Vision, and any children, would actually exist - they just shouldn't be part of this timeline.

There's one major advantage to this approach; it would mean any characters introduced in WandaVision could stick around. That would effectively mean that the MCU would potentially regain Vision; it would also mean that the couple's kids would become an established part of the MCU as well. In the comics, Wanda and Vision's children are the superheroes Wiccan and Speed, whose powers correspond with Scarlet Witch's and Quicksilver's. Meanwhile, there have been rumors that WandaVision will be influenced by Scarlet Witch's Vision run, and so could even introduce Vision's own synthezoid "daughter," Viv. All three of these characters are full of potential; Wiccan and Speed are founding members of the Young Avengers, a superhero team Marvel seem to be setting up, while the young lesbian Viv is one of the most compelling Legacy Heroes to be created in recent years. It would be a shame to see them used once in a short TV series, and then erased from existence altogether.


One thing's for certain; if WandaVision is truly influenced by Tom King's award-winning Vision run, then it will be unlike anything seen in the MCU to date. There have been repeated comments that WandaVision will have a 1950s aesthetic, one that makes it particularly distinctive, and would correspond with Scarlet Witch's reality-manipulating attempt to create her own nuclear family. It's interesting to note that, while Scarlet Witch is confirmed to go on to Doctor Strange 2, Vision hasn't been mentioned; which strongly suggests that the end will be tragic rather than triumphant, and that Vision and Scarlet Witch's family will break down or even be wiped out altogether.

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