WandaVision Disney Plus: 5 Plots They Can Pull From The Comics (& 5 We Hope They Don’t)

A lot of news came out over the weekend from SDCC. One thing that came out was Marvel’s confirmation on a Disney Plus series for Scarlett Witch and Vision. The series is called WandaVision, and will hopefully be out in 2021. The timeline for this series is going to be somewhat limited since we can only assume that it’s going to happen before Avengers: Infinity War. It also has to occur sometime after Captain America: Civil War.

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Despite that limitation, there are plenty of plots that they could be pulling from for this series. And there are some we’re looking forward to… and some we’re rather hoping they avoid altogether. There is one exception we should consider, however. There’s a chance that Wanda finds a way to bring Vision back. After all, the Scarlet Witch has done many magical feats in her time in the comics. Why not bring back the man she loves? But for now, we’ll just focus on the plots that could happen, as seen in the comics.

This article may contain spoilers for the most recent MCU events.

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10 Potential Plot: House Of M

One of the most likely plots is the House of M. In the comics, this plot followed the death/dismantling of Vision. That sounds pretty on the nose for what happened in the MCU, right? In this plot, Wanda lost more than a friend. She lost her husband (Vision) and with him her children. Because of all of this, Wanda understandably began to lose control of herself.

As a result, many of the other heroes became concerned about Wanda and were ready to act on said concern. That is, up until Wanda used her magic to put them all in a perfect world in which all of their hopes and dreams came true.

9 Avoidable Plot: Twins

Some fans love this plot, while others despise it. No matter how you look at it, this plot just takes too much time and set-up to be feasible. Maybe in later seasons (assuming they run with a plot where Wanda brings Vision back, that is), but not to start with.

In the comics, Scarlet Witch and Vision have twins. You may be curious as to how that happened, being that Vision isn’t exactly an organic being. And the answer is: magic. But seriously, Wanda did use magic and a probably altering gift to become pregnant. The plot later becomes even more complex, which is one of the reasons we hope not to see it here.

8 Potential Plot: The Truth Of Wanda’s Parentage

Scarlet Witch Vision Magneto

The MCU did briefly hint at the fact that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver had absent parents. But they didn’t go much beyond that. It’s clear that Wanda believed her parents to be dead. In the comics, it was later revealed that the twins had a named character for their father. And it’s not one you would expect.

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It turns out that their father was none other than Magneto. Yes, you did read that right. There’s a long explanation as to how, and any MCU rendition of it would likely alter things slightly as well. But of course, this requires the introduction of mutants into the MCU.

7 Avoidable Plot: Vision’s Family

Marvel's Vision Comic Ends in Tragedy For [SPOILER]

This plot seems unlikely to happen, since it would require Vision to be without Scarlet Witch. But we’re going to mention it anyway, because we really don’t want to see it happen here. After the whole ordeal with Scarlet Witch and their twins, Vision went on to have his own family.

We understand why this happened, since Vision has always been desperate to feel more human and to make himself as human as possible. However, having Vision create his own family in this series would be a little weird. And it would take away from the chemistry that Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany have.

6 Potential Plot: Their Romance

Obviously, most of us are hoping to see the budding romance continue between Scarlet Witch and Vision. It was hinted at during Captain America: Civil War and outright shown during Avengers: Infinity War. The actors have made the romance feel so organic and believable. Naturally, it’s left us fans wanting more.

There are several points in the comics the series could pull from here. Or they could let the two characters continue to form their own version of the romance. Either would be acceptable, given how they’ve portrayed things up until this point.

5 Avoidable Plot: The Manipulation Behind Their Love

One thing we’d rather they skip out from their romance? The manipulation behind it. In the comics, it was revealed that a character named Immortus had been working behind the scenes to make Scarlet Witch and Vision fell in love. The reason had been because Immortus didn’t want Scarlet Witch to have any children, and they thought that Vision was a safe bet on avoiding that (turns out they were wrong).

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This plot would warp all of the romance they’ve been building up to now. And that would take away from anything gained by giving Vision back to Scarlet (no matter how they end up handling that part).

4 Potential Plot: Doctor Strange Appearances

Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has worked with both Scarlet Witch and Vision in the past. That is both good and bad for our two wayward lovers. As you well know, Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, which means that he is in charge of protecting Earth from magical threats. And sometimes the things that Wanda does can be construed as a threat, such as the House of M plot mentioned above.

Other times Doctor Strange can be seen as an ally. It seems likely that Doctor Strange will have a presence of some sort in the series, since Marvel higher-ups have hinted at the importance of watching the show to understand the next Doctor Strange film.

3 Avoidable Plot: The Young Avengers Wiccan & Speed

This plot is actually related to the twins one we mentioned earlier. These two are not the same twins as mentioned above… they are related to Scarlet Witch and Vision. These two children are brought about through yet another series of magical means. It would be confusing to try and introduce them into the MCU right now.

Additionally, these two belong in a series called the Young Avengers. So until we’re ready to see that series get off the ground, it’s probably better that we just leave this whole part of their lives alone.

2 Potential Plot: Loki’s Meddling

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that two of Marvel’s most magical characters are constantly crossing each other’s paths. We’re talking about Scarlet Witch and Loki. It’d make a lot of sense to pull any of the Wanda/Loki plots into the series, especially since we already know that Loki himself is getting a Disney Plus series.

One of the fan-favorite plots from these adventures would be the time that Loki impersonated Scarlet Witch (thanks to his powers of illusion). Here Loki stirred the pot, something he does quite well. All while Scarlet Witch resided in a small village, completely unaware of what he was doing.

1 Avoidable Plot: The Children’s Crusade

In this plotline, Scarlet Witch is pulled into a war among the younger heroes of Marvel. The Avengers, the Young Avengers, Doctor Doom, and Magneto were all involved in a convoluted battle. And Wanda got dragged into it because of her relationship with two of the Young Avengers (her reincarnated sons, remember).

This plot eventually led to Doctor Doom getting his hands on Scarlet Witch’s powers, which is a terrifying prospect. This plot is actually a fairly interesting one, but it’s far too convoluted for a new series like WandaVision. Plus it leaves Vision out to dry, as he is not a part of the plot. We’d much rather the series focus on the two of them, as the name implies.

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