Wally West Will Not Be 'The New Flash' in Season 4

The Flash season 3 finale left audiences wondering if Wally West would be taking over the Flash mantle for Barry Allen next season, but that's something that Keiynan Lonsdale says isn't happening. During the series' season 3 finale, "Finish Line", Barry (Grant Gustin) defeated Savitar and had retired into the Speed Force, thereby entrusting Wally as Team Flash's new leader.

Comic book fans are keenly aware of the fact that Wally West (the original, pre-New 52 version that has since returned in DC's Rebirth event) had taken over as the main Flash after Barry Allen had sacrificed himself to save the Multiverse during DC Comics' iconic crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wally protected citizens as the Flash for several years; he had even joined the Justice League. But that dynamic shifted when Barry returned in the mid-2000s. It's possible that the series' creatives are interested in doing something similar for The Flash TV series: making Wally the main Flash for a few episodes, only to thrust Barry back into the equation and see how that affects the team's dynamic.

Considering how secretive comic book movies and TV shows are during production, it's doubtful that we'll get any official confirmation regarding next season's plot. However, Lonsdale has recently admitted that becoming the Flash is not something that he's planning on doing, telling Newsweek:

The Flash Season 3 Midseason Premiere Kid Flash Wally West

“It’s not something that’s on my radar. I feel as though there is so much story to tell and Wally has so much growing to do. I’d like to see that journey continue. That's what I think is important. We need to see how these characters realistically get to where they are headed for.”

Although it would appear unlikely that Wally would permanently take over for Barry next season, that doesn't mean audiences won't see the up-and-coming superhero take over the Flash mantle at least temporarily, similar to how he was the main Flash in Flashpoint -- but for only one episode. Then again, there's also the possibility that Lonsdale is merely deflecting, trying to avoid revealing any spoilers. Audiences may remember that Lonsdale was the one that accidentally let it slip that Rick Cosnett would be returning in season 2.

If the network wanted to have Wally headline as the new Flash, the better option would be to give him his own solo series or conjoin him with the rest of the Arrowverse's sidekicks into a Teen Titans series. However, considering that DC Entertainment is already working on developing a Titans series for their new streaming service, expected to premiere next year, it seems doubtful that Wally would be leading another series (or another team) anytime soon.

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The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 10th.

Source: Newsweek

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