Wally West Confirmed to Appear on Legends of Tomorrow

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After months of speculation, it's finally been confirmed: Wally West is going to appear on the Legends of Tomorrow TV show.

The last half-season of Legends of Tomorrow left fans heartbroken at the death of Martin Stein. Shortly after, his fellow Firestorm Jefferson Jackson also left the Legends team. It's been clear that the Waverider needs to take on at least one new recruit, and fans have been eagerly hoping that Wally West would be the new Legend. It looks as though those hopes will be fulfilled, at least partially.

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As reported by CBRLegends star Brandon Routh has confirmed that Wally will be appearing on Legends of Tomorrow this season. However, he may not become a permanent member of the Waverider's crew. Routh specified that he would be traveling on the Waverider "for a little bit." Reflecting on the character, he added, "I think that goes with the talent that Keiynan [Lonsdale] brings to his role and to this newly forming — is it forming? — energy of him coming in to be a part of our show."

From a narrative perspective, this makes sense. Wally has been feeling like something of a third wheel in The Flash, given the show already has its own titular super-speedster. In the episode "Don't Run" he was unable to attend Joe West's Christmas party; Wally was apparently in Cambodia at the time. Fans noted that Wally seemed to have been not-so-subtly written out of The Flash, and speculated that he could team up with the Legends.

The Legends are typically a group of misfits. They're a ragtag bunch who somehow manage to become more of a family than a team. Wally has been feeling like the odd one out in Central City, and his character is well suited to life on the Waverider. It would also be of real benefit to the team to have a super-speedster on-hand. That powerset is one of the most remarkable in the DCTV universe. Wally could even potentially travel through time without the Waverider's technology. He's also a skilled engineer, so could be trained in how to maintain the time-ship.

Legends of Tomorrow seems to be entering a strange period, with hints of a rotating cast; neither Captain Cold nor Constantine are expected to become permanent members of the team, though both have appeared on the show recently. Routh's comment suggests that Wally, too, will only briefly serve as a member of the Legends. It's possible he will then return to Central City, adding yet another narrative link between Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues on its new night next month on Monday, February 12 at 8 PM on The CW.

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