Wall Street 2 Adds Susan Sarandon

Wall Street 2 continues to cast a surprisingly classy set of actors for a movie that's subtitled Money Never Sleeps. Frank Langella and actress Carey Mulligan were both recently confirmed for the film; now comes word that acclaimed actress Susan Sarandon (The Lovely Bones) will be joining Oliver Stone's production as well.

Sarandon will reportedly be playing the role of the mother to Shia LaBeouf's young and upcoming Wall Street trader. If you didn't already know, Michael Douglas will be reprising his Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gekko for the sequel.

What we know thusfar is that Wall Street 2 will focus on LaBeouf's character as he tries to rise through the throat-cutting ranks of Wall Street. The young trader eventually falls under the dragon's wing of Gekko (his wife's estranged father), now out of prison and making a living on the lecture circuit. While the young trader uses Gekko's "wisdom" to advance on Wall Street, Gekko uses the young man's ambition to get closer to his daughter.

Langella's character is rumored to be an older trader who serves as the "fatherly good mentor." Likely Sarandon will be the  sagely mother in the story - a role she played to (totally underrated) perfection in Speed Racer.

Just kidding with ya :-) .

But still, seriously, I can't get over how good a cast they've amassed for such a horribly-titled movie! I would get excited about this film, except for the fact that they're pushing it out so fast in order to capitalize on the current economic turmoil that's tearing through real-life Wall Street. Something tells me that in the end, this film is going to come out looking half-cooked, despite the talents and efforts of its wonderful cast.

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps is set to hit theaters on April 23, 2010.

Source: Variety

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