Wall Street 2 Pushed Back to September

Wall Street 2's release date has been pushed back from April to September. Is Fox positioning it for awards season, or is the film a dud?

Oliver Stone's sequel film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has been pushed back from its April 23rd release date, The Hollywood Reporter states.

Wall Street 2's new release date is going to be September 24, 2010. The question that now arises is: what does this delay say about the quality of the film (or lack thereof)?

For those who aren't movie buffs, there are traditionally two months of the calender year that are typically used as dumping grounds for studios to unload their bad films: September and February (January is also questionable). Following that logic, Fox pushing Wall Street 2 back to September would suggest that the film didn't go over so well - certainly not good enough for April, which has become the "ramp-up month" leading into the start of the summer blockbuster season.

Of course, some may assert that the END of September could be a savvy release date for a film to get a jump-start on the winter "prestige season" - but in the case of Wall Street 2, I ain't buying it.

Interestingly enough, a lot of us around the blogosphere were pleasantly surprised by the Wall Street 2 teaser trailer and international trailer; they weren't as bad as expected. However, when I met with buddies of mine who are "Wall Street types" this past week, they were not at all enthused about the film. Go figure.

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Money Never Sleeps picks up years after Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) was jailed for corporate malpractice. Gekko is released and finds himself in a world where greed and corporate malpractice have become the new norm. Shia LaBeouf plays a young trader who is engaged to Gekko's estranged daughter. Seeing an angle to play, LaBeouf tries to work Gordon for knowledge, while Gordon works the young man for a chance to get closer to his daughter. Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan and Frank Langella co-star.

A lot of people groaned when Stone announced his intention to do this sequel; if this delay until September means what I think it does, then the groaners were right all along.

As stated, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps will now be in theaters on September 24, 2010.

Source: THR

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