Frank Langella Headed For Wall Street

Variety is reporting that Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) is currently in talks to star in Oliver Stone's forthcoming Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Wow. That title takes me right back to the 80s.

Langella is reportedly circling the role of Lewis Zabel, an old-school broker who takes actor Shia LaBeouf's younger broker under his wing. The role is said to be quite pivotal to the plot of the film, which would explain why a heavyweight actor like Langella was being approached to carry the weight.

There's a bit of confusion as to whether or not the role Langella is considering is the same one that No Country For Old Men stars Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin were both rumored to be up for earlier this year. Variety claims that Brolin is still in talks to join the cast, so we should know which role he'd play sooner before later.

Wall Street 2 will focus on Shia LaBeouf's character, a young broker trying to navigate the shark-waters of Wall Street. Besides receiving the mentorship of the aforementioned Langella, LaBeouf's character, Jacob, will get "wise" words from Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas, reprising his Oscar-winning role), who has served 14-years for insider trading and security fraud and is making his living on the lecture circuit. Jacob will be married to Gekko's estranged daughter, Winnie - a role that actress Carrey Mulligan is rumored to be up for. While Jacob will gets words from the master, Gekko will be trying to get closer to his daughter. ABC, baby...

Personally, I'm still on the fence about this whole Wall Street 2 business (no pun). The flick has gone from wishful thinking, to rumor, to actuality, to "Coming to theaters April, 23 2010!" in the blink of an eye. Everybody around the blogosphere has already chimed in on the obvious ploy by Fox to try to push this movie out quick, while financial turmoil is still all the rage.

Talk about classy...

Well, one guy who IS classy is Frank Langella. What do you think about him joining the cast of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps?

I swear, that title makes me want to turn on a synthesizer and pull on a pair of high-tops.

Sources: Variety & Slash Film & Latino Review

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