The Walking Dead: 15 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Michonne

All characters in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead universe have their own traumas and personal demons. However, perhaps one of the most tragic characters of all is Michonne. Fiercely independent, tough as nails, and insanely skilled with a katana, Michonne has all the right skills for surviving the zombie apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean surviving is easy. Michonne has gone through some of the most brutal experiences ever seen throughout The Walking Dead.

Luckily, she’s managed to survive them all. However, these harrowing experiences have left deep scars in Michonne’s psyche. One of the reasons why Michonne has become a fan favorite is due to her emotional depth and complexity as a character as she grapples with her complicated and often painful past.

This list complies the worst things Michonne has ever had to go through, ranging from events that took place in Kirkman’s comic series, to the AMC television adaptation, to Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries video game.

With season 8 of The Walking Dead now in full swing, Michonne is in danger of suffering brand new terrible events. Still, it’d be hard to beat some of the awful things that have already happened to her up until now.

Here are the 15 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Michonne From The Walking Dead.

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The Walking Dead Michonne as the Governor's Prisoner
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15 The Governor’s Punishment

The Walking Dead Michonne as the Governor's Prisoner

The violence and subjugation that Michonne suffers at the hands of The Governor rank not only as the worst events Michonne has been forced to endure, but also as some of the most chilling events across the whole of The Walking Dead.

After The Governor captures her along with Rick, Michonne suffers an awful punishment after she attacks The Governor. She is taken to a cell and is later joined by The Governor, who ties her hands and assaults her. Later Michonne is presumably assaulted again and even tortured, as Glenn can hear her screams from his own cell.

However, Michonne gets her revenge: immediately after her assault, Michonne makes it explicitly clear to The Governor that he will suffer a vicious death at her hands. Her plans later come into fruition when she tortures him with a variety of tools and makes sure to draw out his pain.

There’s no doubt that these events involving The Governor have to be the worst thing that Michonne has ever been through.

14 Losing Her Family

The Walking Dead Mike and Terry in Michonne's Nightmare Season 4 Episode 9

Michonne’s backstory is told in small increments over a span of time in The Walking Dead. Once it is revealed in full, Michonne’s past is easily one of the most tragic on the entire show.

The television adaptation includes in a dream sequence where Michonne’s boyfriend Mike, friend Terry, and son Andre (who replaces her two daughters that she had in the comics) are shown. Soon the dream becomes dark when Mike and Terry appear without arms and Michonne’s son disappears.

However, its in one of Kirkman’s comics that the full backstory behind Michonne is finally revealed, baring a the truth far more disturbing than initially anticipated. In the Michonne Special issue, Mike gets bitten by a walker but does not tell Michonne. When she goes out for supplies and returns home, she sees that Mike and Terry have turned.

This story carries into the television show, which has hinted at several different points that Michonne’s son Andre died at the hands of the turned Mike and Terry while Michonne was retrieving supplies.

In a blind rage, Michonne hacked off their arms and lower jaws and used them as her pet walkers from that point on.

13 Incident with the Marauders

The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne with the Marauders

Michonne’s run-in with the Marauders is easily one of the more disturbing scenes of AMC’s The Walking Dead. As Michonne, Rick, and Carl are travelling to Terminus, they encounter the Marauders, a violent group led by Joe and who happened to have Daryl in their company as well.

The Marauders forcefully detain Michonne, Rick, and Carl and brag about how they will rape Michonne and Carl. Rick grows agitated as Carl is forced to the ground and is able to fight Joe off him.

In one of the most graphic scenes of the series, Michonne watches on in horror as Rick bites into the throat of Joe, severing an artery and killing him. Michonne then has to shoot the other Marauders and comforts Carl as Rick brutally stabs the last Marauder who was planning to rape his son.

It is an incredibly disturbing scene not only for the audience, but for Michonne as well. Not only was she almost beaten and raped, but she also saw an extremely dark side to Rick that had never been revealed before.

12 Fate of Ezekiel

One of the characters Michonne grows particularly close to over the course of The Walking Dead is Ezekiel. Unfortunately, this relationship doesn’t end too well.

The two began with a rocky start (the first thing Michonne does when she meets him is pull her katana on him, after all) but they begin to bond as they spend more time with each other and share stories from their past. Michonne and Ezekiel even being a romantic relationship, and it appears the two might become an official couple.

However, of course, nothing works out that well in the universe of The Walking Dead. When Rick’s group becomes embroiled with the Whisperers, they go through some extremely disturbing experiences, all culminating in the discovery of heads from those in Rick’s group – including Ezekiel -- mounted on pikes at the boarder of Whisper territory.

Michonne has a brief breakdown and tries to free Ezekiel’s undead head from its pike, but Rick stops her and comforts her. Everybody is traumatized over the discovery of the heads, but Michonne takes Ezekiel’s death particularly hard.

11 Deanna’s Last Moments

The Walking Dead Deanna and Michonne Season 6

Head of Alexandria, Deanna is a character known for being a shrewd, pragmatic, and efficient leader. Though tensions rise quickly between she and Rick’s group, they all begin to work well together after Rick kills Pete for Deanna.

The Alexandria storyline comes to a head in season 6 when a watchtower collapses and breaks down the wall, allowing a hoard of walkers to storm the safe area. When Deanna falls and injures her leg, Michonne helps her get to safety and tends to her injuries.

It’s Michonne who discovers that Deanna has in fact been bit, and the two share some heartbreaking scenes in which Michonne sees Deanna through some of her last moments. They have a philosophical discussion about the future of Alexandria and Michonne is forced to confront the question of what she really wants from life and her own future.

As the walkers in the camp grow in numbers, Michonne gives a tearful final goodbye as she and the rest of Rick’s group prepare to leave Alexandria. She thanks Deanna for her leadership and belief in mankind.

The final moments Michonne shares with Deanna are hugely impactful on her character and leave a lasting impression.

10 The Woodbury Arena

The Walking Dead Woodbury Arena S03E05

While it takes a while for Michonne to truly understand the twisted nature of The Governoron the AMC series, she is confronted with his darker side rather quickly in Kirkman’s comics.

When The Governor cuts Rick’s hand off, Michonne tackles him and even bites off a part of his ear. Though the Governor is enraged, he recognizes Michonne’s fighting talents and matches up her punishment to fit her skills.

The Governor subsequently forces Michonne to fight against Eugene in a public gladiator-style match. He allows Michonne to be armed with her katana but insists she not kill Eugene. In an act of rage over her capture, Michonne rebels and kills Eugene almost immediately.

Though this is only the start of Michonne’s brutal relationship with The Governor, her treatment as some throw away plaything to be used for Woodbury’s entertainment still goes down as one of the worst moments she’s had to endure.

9 Andrea Sides with the Governor

Michonne and Andrea on The Walking Dead

During AMC’s The Walking Dead, Andrea and Michonne grow extremely close as they travel for months together. However, when the two are taken to Woodbury, their friendship is put to the test as Andrea becomes increasingly close with The Governor and Michonne remains extremely suspicious of him.

Michonne insists she and Andrea leave Woodbury to travel to the coast, where Michonne believes they’ll be safest. However, Andrea decides to stay with The Governor, turning her back on her close friend in favor of what she believes to be a safe community.

Michonne takes this as a huge slight and, though she tries to mask it, is torn up about parting ways with Andrea. Michonne later breaks into Woodbury and gets into a brutal fight with The Governor, during which Michonne stabs him in the eye.

Andrea confronts her with a gun and the two have a brief stand off. Andrea lets her friend leave alive, but Michonne is heartbroken that her friend has betrayed her and sided with such a cruel man as The Governor.

8 Rick’s Fake-Out Death

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira as Michonne in The Walking Dead

One of the most controversial scenes of The Walking Dead season 7 was the “fake-out” death of Rick Grimes. The show has tried the fake-out many times before, and fans of the show know the trick well by this point. However, even though fans might not have believed that Rick was dead, Michonne sure did.

When the two go out scavenging for guns, they run into a carnival swarming with walkers. At one point as the two attempt to escape, Rick falls from a Ferris wheel into a group of walkers, and they appear to close in and kill him.

Michonne sees this and goes into a state of shock, dropping her katana despite the encroaching group of walkers. Rick is soon revealed to be alive, but Michonne still suffers a wave of intense grief in those brief moments where she thinks he’s being eaten alive.

Fans might not have been impressed with the scene, but it revealed exactly how close Michonne had grown to Rick and how lost she would be if he died.

7 Morgan’s Bite

The Walking Dead Comic Morgan Jones Gets Bitten By A Zombie

In the comics, Michonne forms one of her closest bonds with Morgan. The two find common ground in Alexandria over their resentment of everybody’s over-the-top happiness while they’re living in such dire times.

However, their relationship becomes more complicated when Michonne becomes irritated with how Morgan is dealing with the death of his wife, and the two grow distant.

Soon after their disagreements, a walker bites Morgan on the arm. In a frantic effort to save him, she amputates the arm and, once he’s taken to safety, waits loyally at his bedside in hopes that he’ll get better.

In a rare moment of candidness, Michonne professes her true feelings to Morgan. She explains that she’s impressed at how he is able to continue on after his family’s death, and that she likes him but tends to keep people at a distance even when she cares for them.

When she asks Morgan to forgive her, Michonne looks to him only to realize he is already dead. She is then forced to stab him in order to prevent him coming back as a walker.

6 Andrea’s Death

Walking Dead Andrea Death Welcome to the Tombs

Michonne and Andrea’s friendship went through plenty of ups and downs through season 3 of The Walking Dead. However, despite all of their disagreements, Michonne and Andrea were at the very least allowed a touching goodbye during the season 3 finale.

When Michonne storms Woodbury with Rick and Daryl, the three stumble upon Andrea suffering a fatal bite by the undead Milton. All of Michonne’s past resentments go out the window as she rushes to Andrea’s side and tries to help her friend.

Andrea insists on committing suicide before she turns despite Michonne’s tearful protest. Rick and Daryl leave the room, but Michonne stays behind to have one last moment with her close friend, and remains in the room when Andrea goes through with her suicide.

The scene was a tragic end to season 3, made even more emotional by Michonne losing yet another person she was so close to.

5 Hallucinations of Her Family

Michonne is haunted by memories of her family in various forms across the different mediums of The Walking Dead. In the show, she has recurring bad dreams of her past life. However, in Kirkman’s comics, her trauma is elaborated on in more depth, as it is revealed that she imagines entire conversations with her dead boyfriend.

Andrea first spots her carrying on an imaginary conversation early on in the comics when Rick’s group is still in the prison. Though she denies this when Andrea confronts her about it, Michonne admits to Rick in a later issue that she “talks” to her dead boyfriend as a coping mechanism.

In Telltale’s video game The Walking Dead: Michonne, these imaginings of her family take an even more serious form. In that game, Michonne is actually haunted by continuous hallucinations of her two daughters that become increasingly distracting as the game moves on.

In all forms of The Walking Dead story, Michonne’s past and the loss of her boyfriend and children never leaves her mind and is a constant source of pain and trauma.

4 Climactic Fight of The Walking Dead: Michonne

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Michonne takes place between Kirkman’s comic issues 126 and 139 and covers the story of what happened to Michonne when she briefly broke off from Rick’s group.

Michonne travels with a small group of others when they are taken hostage by an antagonistic group led by Randall and his sister Norma.

The climax of the game sees Michonne face off against Norma and fight through one of the worst assaults she’s ever been through. At first the two fight bare handed, but then Norma tries to drown Michonne in a fountain. Michonne gets her hands on a machete, uses it to cut Norma’s arm off, and leaves Norma for dead as a group of walkers closes in.

That’s not all Michonne has to face at the end of the game. Michonne must help her group escape from a house fire, and nearly dies herself when she jumps from a window to escape the flames.

To make matters worse, she is also followed by hallucinations of her daughters throughout her entire escape, making the events of the game particularly scarring.

3 Fight with the Scavenger

Michonne’s closest brush with death might have been with the season 7 finale, during which she has a savage and bloody fight with a Scavenger.

When the Scavengers betray Rick and his group during their face-off against Negan, Michonne is stuck on a rooftop with a Scavenger woman. The two begin to fight each other, with the Scavenger smashing Michonne’s face against the roof, punching her, and forcing her against the roof’s edge.

The audience is given Rick’s point of view afterwards, and it appears Michonne dies when a scream is heard as a woman falls from the building that Michonne and the Scavenger were fighting on. Fortunately for Michonne, Rick later finds her alive but severely beaten and barely conscious.

The season 7 finale had Michonne experience some of the worst violence she’s ever suffered, and brought her closer to death than any episode ever had before.

2 Attempted Suicide

Telltale Games The Walking Dead - Michonne Video Game Michonne Attempts Suicide

Considering all that Michonne has been through, it’s understandable that she constantly wrestles with past events and the loss of her loved ones. This emotional turmoil becomes too much for Michonne during Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne.

She has found a new group to travel with at the beginning of the game, but Michonne is still obsessing over the fate of her two daughters. Exhausted over the weight of her past and the bleak future, Michonne attempts suicide while travelling on a boat with her new companions.

Thankfully, one of her companions named Pete stops her from going through with the act and convinces her that Michonne must hang on and not give up.

Though this isn’t some gory battle or flashy action sequence, Michonne’s suicide attempt is an especially low point in her life and reflects how tortured she is by everything that she’s lost over the course of her storyline in The Walking Dead.

1 Her Capture by Negan

Negan Walking Dead

Chances are high that, if a fan were prompted to name the most emotionally affecting scene of The Walking Dead up to this point, they would mention Negan’s capture of Rick’s group during the season 6 finale and season 7 premiere.

In retaliation for the murder of his men by Rick’s group, Negan rounds up Rick’s people and lines them up for a dark and twisted display of power. While Michonne herself is spared Negan’s violence, the brutality she is forced to watch is one of the most traumatizing events in her character history.

Negan first chooses to kill Abraham by beating him to death with Lucille. But Abraham was Negan just getting started, and soon after he moves on to give an even more graphic death to Glenn.

All of the main characters are deeply scarred by the events, and Michonne’s furious expression during Negan’s murders make it clear that she plans to harness her trauma and use it to help her try to hunt down and kill Negan for revenge in the future.


Are there any other disturbing moments that Michonne has endured in The Walking Dead that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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