The Walking Dead: Our World Mobile Game Trailer & Release Date Revealed

The latest trailer for The Walking Dead: Our World mixes the apocalypse with everyday life and reveals the mobile game's release date.

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming AR mobile game, The Walking Dead: Our World. Along with the latest trailer, the release date for the game has been revealed. Expect to be fighting off zombie hordes July 12.

Earlier this year, a trailer for Our World was released that showed a small amount of the gameplay that will be present in the upcoming game. In that trailer, characters from the zombie drama appeared onscreen in front of the gamer, helping them to fight back hordes of zombies. The gameplay depicted a Pokemon Go style game in which the player uses their phone to insert the action into the real world. New characters and stronger weapons are just some of the goals players will have to work toward.

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The latest trailer, shown above, depicts a lighter, sillier scenario in which a hooked gamer inserts the apocalypse into everyday activities. A group of friends poses for photos at a party while the gamer directs the friends to move in such a way that the zombie behind them is also well-framed in the photo. As a reminder that popular characters from the TV adaptation of the story will be included in the game, Daryl Dixon photobombs the group at the last moment. This trailer also reveals the planned release date for the game. Our World will be available on iOS and Android on July 12.

Our World is just one of several The Walking Dead games coming in the near future. Overkill's The Walking Dead recently shared a gameplay trailer that depicts a much more fast-paced game, with players taking out large amounts of the undead in a single scene. Overkill's The Walking Dead title is set for release on November 6. Along with these two titles, the final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead is also expected to debut August 14. The decision-based game has told the story of young Clementine, a little girl who has grown into a hardened survivor over the course of the apocalypse.

While the video game market for The Walking Dead appears to be booming, the show itself has definitely seen better days. Several of the series' biggest and longest running stars - such as Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan - have either been written out of the show or look likely to leave in the coming seasons. Despite these issues, and a massive drop in ratings, AMC still feels strongly that a multiplatform franchise will be a success.

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The Walking Dead: Our World will be released on iOS and Android on July 12.

Source: Next Games

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