The Walking Dead: Everything That Happened In The Time Jump

Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead season 9 episode 6

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The Walking Dead jumped forward in time six years following Rick Grimes' dramatic departure from the AMC show, and in that time, a lot has changed. Two episodes have been set in this future setting so far, and they establish a new status quo for the series going forward.

In a general sense, the world appears more overgrown, more wild, with signs that the natural world is taking over. The survivors have continued to acclimate, though, transforming cars that needed fuel into carriages for horses to pull. But what's most telling, is that in the years since Rick blew up the bridge, it has not been rebuilt. During the time jump, the communities did not remain united - they drifted further apart.

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Here's everything that's been revealed about The Walking Dead's new future, from shifting allegiances to mysterious scars. We'll be sure to keep this updated with any more shocking bombshells during the rest of season 9.

Last updated: November 20, 2018

Alexandria Safe-Zone After Walking Dead's Time Jump

Alexandria in The Walking Dead

The war with the Saviors left Alexandria in ruins, but in the two years following, the community was rebuilt. After the six years of this latest time jump, Alexandria has continued to develop. The community has expanded and built more structures, including a mill and a water wheel. The survivors are further along in their rebuilding of civilization, but the community has also grown more tense in the years since Rick "died."

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With Rick gone, Alexandria is led by a council of residents - including Michonne, Gabriel, Aaron (now with a metal prothestic arm), and Siddiq. It is the council that decides whether or not a new person can join the community, but that's a rare occurrence since it's against protocol to bring strangers back to Alexandria (like Judith does with Magna's group). It isn't clear if the was a specific event which led to this rise in paranoia and the stricter entry protocol, but Alexandria is no longer the welcoming community that once accepted Siddiq (now the town's doctor) or even Rick and the other survivors.

In personal developments, Gabriel and Rosita have become romantically involved, while Eugene (poor man) has developed feelings for Rosita. Gabriel has also acquired a radio (possibly from that cabin he and Dr. Carson came upon when escaping Sanctuary) and has been using it to reach out, hoping to make contact with someone, anyone.

The Kingdom After Walking Dead's Time Jump

The Kingdom on The Walking Dead

The Kingdom is much the same as we last saw it, but it's fallen into disrepair. Pipes are breaking, for example, and the supplies necessary to fix them are running low. Ezekiel is still king and served loyally by Jerry. Carol and he have since married, making her the Kingdom's queen and their adopted son, Henry, a prince. Henry is also now a teenager, and he's grown to be surprisingly handy and capable.

Henry wishes to go train with Earl Sutton of Hilltop and learn the skills that will help with repairing the Kingdom. However, it isn't even known if Earl is still Hilltop's blacksmith, implying that there is now little communication between the communities that Rick once united against Negan. Ezekiel hopes the upcoming fair being planned at the Kingdom is an opportunity to bring the communities together once again.

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Hilltop After Walking Dead's Time Jump

The Walking Dead Faction Guide Hilltop

Maggie has left Hilltop, taking Herschel with her and moving to whatever community it is Georgie oversees. There isn't a reason given for Maggie's departure, but it's clear there's been tension between her and Michonne - though whether it's been since their encounter prior to Maggie confronting Negan or over something else remains unclear. Whatever the reason, Maggie writes that she's "happy" in her letter to Jesus, so the move was a good one.

Jesus is now the leader of Hilltop, but he's reluctant to be in charge. Tara acts as his deputy, handling most of the day-to-day duties, while Jesus sneaks away to meet Aaron for training sessions - keeping the lines of communication open between the communities in defiance of Michonne's increased security. Enid is now also Hilltop's doctor, having progressed significantly since her training with Siddiq.

Sanctuary After Walking Dead's Time Jump

Walking Dead Season 9 Sanctuary

The fate of Sanctuary, however, is clearly explained - it's gone. The factory that failed as a farm has also failed as community. It isn't stated when, exactly, Sanctuary collapsed, but it's possible it may have been not long after the riot at the work camp. Some former Saviors are shown to have moved to other communities - like Laura in Alexandria - so perhaps those who started that uprising were the only ones affected by Sanctuary's demise.

There are still some Saviors who roam the land like nomads, not settling anywhere but scavenging and attacking travelers for supplies. While on the road to Hilltop, Carol and Henry cross paths with just such a group.

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