Walking Dead Season 9 Promo Teases Civil War

A new promo for season 9 of The Walking Dead focuses on the conflict brewing between Rick, Maggie and Daryl that has the potential to erupt into a civil war. It was revealed in the season 8 finale that Maggie and Daryl were preparing to take action against Rick.

Season 9 will be the final season for Rick and Maggie, as Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are departing the series. As for how it will happen, Cohan says Maggie won't die and Rick's fate is uncertain. Both Lincoln and Cohan are only expected to appear in six episodes, which means that any conflict between the two characters will most likely be wrapped up by the midseason finale. Since the civil war storyline could end up taking precedence in the first few episodes, the introduction of the Whisperers as the next main antagonists may be saved for the back half of the season.

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AMC has released a promo for season 9 which brings attention to Maggie's plans and Daryl's disapproval with Rick's leadership. It appears that Michonne will continue to support Rick, as will Carol, who advises Rick to "end it before it begins," though it's hard to tell if she's referring to the dissension in the ranks, or another issue.

After spending an entire season united behind a common goal, the survivors have been left divided by Rick's decision to spare Negan's life. No one was more distraught over Rick's surprising change of heart than Maggie, who wanted revenge for Glenn's death. At the end of the episode, Maggie was seen plotting with Daryl and Jesus over what to do about Rick. It appears that Maggie may be planning a coup, with the intention of seizing control of Rick's group.

If what's been shown in promos and trailers is any indication, season 9 of The Walking Dead will waste no time in advancing the storyline surrounding the upcoming clash between Rick and Maggie. Considering that 18 months will have passed, Maggie may see no need to bide her time any longer and could decide to make a move as early as the season premiere. How far Maggie will go to get what she wants remains to be seen. It's possible that some of the characters involved will change sides as the conflict unfolds. Daryl's loyalty to Rick may keep him from doing anything too drastic.

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The Walking Dead season 9 premieres October 7 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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