• The Walking Dead: 17 Most Useless Characters Who Just Take Up Space

    The Walking Dead has been on for eight seasons now. Throughout the past eight years, cast members have come and gone quite frequently. You never know who is going to stick around in a show about the zombie apocalypse. This creates quite a large and interesting variety of characters.

    Having such a large cast can be wonderful for the writers, but it can also cause a lapse in character development, which the show has been criticized for in the past.

    While many of the characters have become show staples and fan favorites, such as Daryl and Maggie, others are not so lucky. There have been some truly hated characters in Walking Dead history. Hated, however, does not always mean they are worthless or bad.

    There have been quite a few down-right unimpressive characters on the show. These people bring either little (or nothing) to the plot, have outlived their usefulness on the show, or are simply poorly written. The Walking Dead is known for using these types of characters for filler episodes, leaving fans to ask why they’re even around at all.

    Check out the 17 Most Useless Characters On The Walking Dead Who Just Take Up Space to see if your most-hated (or loved) character made the list.

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    The Walking Dead Season 8 How Its Gotta Be Carl

    Carl’s usefulness to the plot of The Walking Dead has been debated for years. He’s been considered annoying to fans since the beginning of the show.

    The character has been criticized for always ruining things and disobeying the group. He’s constantly wandering off on his own and causing trouble-- Carl’s wandering is the reason why Dale ended up dead in season two.

    Carl also made the stupid decision to sneak into one of Negan’s trucks to attempt to kill him all on his own, which ultimately resulted in Negan entering Rick’s home in Alexandria.

    It seems Carl’s time on the show is coming to an end after the midseason finale, which has divided fans. Some have rejoiced that he’s finally dying, while others are angry that they’re killing him off.

    It seems the main reason he’s still on the show at all is for the sake of Rick’s emotional development. Other than that, Carl has outlived his usefulness on The Walking Dead.   

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    The Walking Dead Season 7 Midseason Premiere Father Gabriel

    Father Gabriel appeared on the show in season five. While he does bring a religious tone to certain episodes, most fans agree that his presence in unnecessary. It’s amazing he’s survived four seasons.

    When audiences were first getting to know his character, he was slightly interesting. His religious beliefs and shady past, in which he inadvertently killed his church congregation, set him apart from other characters. Over the years, he has gained strength and no longer shows the same cowardice he once had, causing him to lose his most differentiating quality.

    Gabriel simply is no longer an interesting nor very important. He lacks the depth that fans are looking for in their Walking Dead characters, his life is currently in the balance, as he suffers from an undisclosed illness, and it seems like an overwhelming majority of fans will not be upset by his passing.

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    Katelyn Nacon as Enid in The Walking Dead

    It’s a popular feeling among fans that Enid has no place on The Walking Dead. She could be considered the least favorite character on the show since Andrea. In all four seasons she’s been a part of, she has not done anything of importance other than flirt with Carl.

    She’s become close with Maggie and seems to be present during important leadership decisions, but she does not help make those decisions-- she’s just kind of around. In the season finale, however, she did shoot someone from Oceanside, making everything worse for her and Aaron.

    Maybe the writers have a bigger plan for the character, but it seems she could not be in the show at all and it would not not make much of a difference.

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    Jadis The Walking Dead

    The Scavengers are a newer addition to the world of The Walking Dead. The general plot for the Scavengers has been confusing at best. The show has glossed over a lot of the details of how the group came to be and rushed to have them allying with Rick and the rest of the group.

    Jadis, in particular, is strange and does not bring much to the table. The way she talks is bizarre and makes no sense in the realm of the show. It’s only been three years since the apocalypse began-- why would her social skills have decreased so dramatically?  

    The majority of fans seem to agree that Jadis and The Scavengers do not belong in The Walking Dead. They would not be missed if they disappeared from the show.

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  • 13 / 17

    Tara is introduced to us in season four in the episode “Live Bait”. Since then, she’s become a central part of the main group. However, she does not seem to offer all that much to the show.

    If Tara were suddenly killed on the show, would it make much of a difference? She’s had a few kick-butt moments, like when she saved Glenn from a walker, but she seems to just kind of be in the background half the time. She’s good for a supply run every once in awhile and to supply a line or two of dialogue.

    Tara just seems less interesting than her fellow characters. She seems like a background character they are trying to push as a main character, and fans simply are not very interested.

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    Austin Abrams as Ron Anderson in The Walking Dead

    Ron is one of the few kids that The Walking Dead focuses on. His family was introduced in season five in Alexandria.

    At first, Ron seemed like a friend to Carl, but he quickly turned against him, attempting to kill him and shooting Carl’s eye out. While causing Carl to lose his eye seems significant, it was all completely unnecessary and poorly written. A major reason why Ron wanted Carl dead was for flirting with Enid, which is a juvenile and cliché reason to want to kill someone.

    If Carl still had his eye, it would not make much of a difference, plot wise, making Ron’s entire existence unnecessary. All in all, fans were highly annoyed with him. He was not missed when he was killed off of the show.

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    The Walking Dead Season 7 Cyndie Oceanside

    Oceanside has appeared a couple times on the show, but it still remains a mystery. It’s introduction seemed important, but so far it has been a place of little significance. The group has rarely been seen on The Walking Dead.

    Cyndie is a character from Oceanside that the audience met in in the episode “Swear”. She did save Tara’s life... twice, but the entire plot of the episode seemed pointless. Tara being at Oceanside in the first place seemed unnecessary and audiences did not express much love for the filler episode.

    Now that Enid shot Cyndie’s grandmother, Oceanside could have a bigger role to play when the show comes back. But from what audiences have witnessed of Oceanside so far, Cyndie is a pretty useless character.

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    Gregory on The Walking Dead

    Gregory is known as one of the most annoying characters from this season of The Walking Dead. Fans cannot always agree on everything, but it seems to be a general consensus that Gregory needs to go away.

    While there was a brief time when it felt great to hate him, he has overstayed his welcome on the show. He’s lost his place of power and now just acts as a sniveling, whiny, background character. He has no more worth on the show, especially since losing his leadership position at the Hilltop and losing his place of leverage with the Saviors.

    The only reason people want to see Gregory on the show at this point is to see him finally get killed.  

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  • 9 / 17

    Remember Bob? Maybe not-- he was not exactly the most memorable character. He was a medic with a fairly dark past in season four of the show.

    He did not get to live very long, causing his character development to be pretty lackluster. He was full of clichés, from his hidden dark past to a drinking problem. He did not add anything new or special to the show, making him a useless character as far as plot development goes.

    The most significant thing about Bob was that he was romantically involved with Sasha. When he died, she struggled with grieving him. Other than that, Bob is a forgetful character, one most fans would only remember if he’s specifically brought up in conversation.

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    Judith Grimes The Walking Dead

    No one ever wants to see a toddler taken out on television, but Judith just doesn’t seem necessary to the plot of The Walking Dead. Since her birth in season three, she’s barely been seen on screen.

    Judith’s presence on the show just does not enhance the story in any way. Rick is rarely around for his daughter and Carl doesn’t even seem to hang around his sister very much. The audience doesn’t have any sort of strong emotional connection to Judith because she’s rarely shown.

    In the comics, Judith doesn't even survive the prison, so it really does not make sense that she has lived this long. The toddler just is kind of there, taking up space. Maybe if the writers spent a little more time developing their family dynamic, it would be different. However, right now, she is useless to the plot.

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    Jessie The Walking Dead

    Jessie was nearly as unnecessary as her son Ron. Her entire family actually seemed pointless in whole plot of the show.

    She really only existed as a love interest for Rick. However, there were complaints that the two did not have any chemistry and that their relationship was forced.

    She flirted with Rick while she was still married, before her husband’s death, which did not help with her likeability. Also, while her and her children’s deaths were terrible and emotional, they were not very memorable.

    The entire family was dysfunctional and entirely unprepared for dealing with the apocalypse. They could have lived or died, and it would not have made a major difference in the show’s plotline. Their existence was completely unnecessary.

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    IronE Singleton as Theodore T-Dog Douglas in The Walking Dead

    T-Dog is certainly a throwback character. He was there in season one and lived until season three, although he is not exactly the most memorable character from the original group.

    While he was a part of the original cast, he really was not that important in the whole of the show. He was just sort of part of the group. He never did anything exceptional or outstanding to set himself apart. It’s hard to find any distinguishing factors about him.

    It was easy for T-Dog to blend in to the background, making him a fairly useless character. It’s surprising he survived until season three. The most important thing T-Dog did was sacrifice himself for the group. However, even that is forgettable after eight seasons.

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    Ross Marquand as Aaron in The Walking Dead

    Aaron was been on The Walking Dead since season five. He is one of those characters who was once important, but at this point in the show, his presence no longer seems necessary.

    Aaron was the recruiter for Alexandria. He was the one responsible for bringing Rick and the group into the community, drastically altering the plot of the show. Without Aaron, the group never would have made it to Alexandria and would have possibly escaped the conflict with the Saviors.

    While that was once an important role, Aaron no longer serves a major purpose. He has simply outlived his usefulness on the show. With his boyfriend Eric gone and he and Enid’s conflict with Oceanside, it seems like Aaron’s time on The Walking Dead may be coming to an end.

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    Rosita is another character who is considered annoying by a lot of fans. She joined the show in season four and has since managed to stay alive.

    Up until season seven, she was mostly used to further romantic subplots and sleep with other characters. She has become bitter and quick to snap, and she is constantly ignoring the will of the group and trying to take things into her own hands. Her cynical, angry attitude has become old and overplayed.

    She is constantly arguing with people in the group and doesn’t seem to have much of a personality beyond her angst. The writers most likely have written her this way as a result of going through trauma and grief, but her character seems stale at this point. Rosita has run her course on the show.

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    Laurie Holden as Andrea in The Walking Dead

    Andrea may be the most hated character in Walking Dead history. The television version of her character differed greatly from the Andrea in the comics, and fans have never gotten over it. She was so hated, in fact, that people rejoiced when she finally died.

    She was incredibly self-centered and never listened to anyone else. Plus, ignoring the orders of others almost caused her to kill Daryl. She turned her back on people who cared about her, including Dale, who saw her like a daughter. She was never a well-written character and the show would have been better off without her presence.

    The only important element involving Andrea was Michonne’s introduction to the show. Andrea is the one who originally found her. Other than that, she was absolutely useless on the show, other than causing viewers annoyance and anger.

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    Rachel is another character from Oceanside who does not seem necessary. She’s the young girl who finds Tara and tries to kill her before Cyndie tells her not to.

    Later in the episode, Rachel holds Tara at gunpoint, but is told not to shoot her. When Tara is leaving Oceanside, she spits at her feet and Tara flips her off. In another episode, Tara apologizes for giving Rachel the finger.

    Essentially, Rachel only exists for to threaten Tara and receive the finger. The entire episode could have gone similarly without her existence.

    While the writers may have though adding another child into the mix would add depth, it just seemed pointless. The majority of the time the audience has spent in Oceanside has been uneventful and unnecessary.

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    Spencer The Walking Dead

    While Spencer’s time on the show ended after Negan gruesomely ended his life, during his time on The Walking Dead, he was not super important.

    He was never a well-written character. Spencer was a coward, and cowards never have a good rep in the Walking Dead fandom. Most people were surprised that he lived as long as he did. He stole and hoarded supplies, caused arguments, and was a generally whiny individual. He was one of those annoying characters who was just kind of there.

    When he finally did die, it did not make much of a difference. Fans were not particularly sad to see him go, or overjoyed he died. Overall, he was a bland, unimportant person in the plot of the show.


    What do you think? Who is the most useless The Walking Dead character? Sound off in the comments!

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