The Walking Dead: 15 Mysteries The Creators Have Completely Neglected

As you are probably aware, The Walking Dead is based on a comic of the same title, whose creators claim that they wanted to show the reader what happens 'once the zombie movie ends'. The comic, as well as the show, delves into post-apocalyptic life with true vigor, and we see not only the fight to survive but also the struggle to cope in a world that has been turned upside down.

If you like all things zombie, then The Walking Dead is a show that will definitely tick all of your undead boxes. Nevertheless, whether it’s down to lazy writing, lack of budget, or plain creative choice, some of the mysteries remain unsolved. There are heaps of questions just waiting to be answered. What happened to all the pet dogs? Did they just get eaten? Or what do women do when they get their periods? Do they just have to go on a run and grab a shed-load of tampons?

With so much going on post-apocalypse, it’s hard to keep track of all the comings and goings and, well, some things are just plain confusing! In a zombie-ridden world, it's not too difficult to see why some of our favorite characters go missing or why some plot-lines remain unfinished. We're going to run through a few things that are yet to be cleared up with 15 Mysteries The Walking Dead Creators Have Completely Neglected.

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15 What's with the freaky zombie soldier that Rick encounters?

Little has been mentioned about the military operations that took place at the start of the spread and this has a lot to do with the fact that Rick is in a coma while a big chunk of the action occurs. In the very first episode, Rick climbs into a tank to protect himself and rather awkwardly bumps into a zombie soldier who is extremely unwelcoming.

This tells us there was some attempt to contain or diminish the epidemic, but how and why it failed is never really looked into at all. The whole premise of the show revolves around the aftermath, so it's understandable why the creators have decided not to show this, but still, it would be interesting to see if there were any mistakes made on the government’s part. Fear the Walking Dead's attempts to do so were...we'll say ineffective.

14 Michonne's Zombie-Slaves

Michonne and her Pet Zombies in The Walking Dead

When Michonne first appeared with two armless zombies chained to her, there were a lot of questions posed by this mysterious, katana-wielding warrior woman. Both quiet and formidable, Michonne ended up being one of the most vital members of the group.

Michonne reveals that her undead companions used to be her boyfriend, Mike, and his best friend, Terry. Angered by their failure to take care of her son (who was devoured by zombies) she decides to let them both turn and uses them as her personal zombie guards. Using a pair of toothless zombies to deter walkers seems like an OK idea, but even if their smell overpowered her own, this should not have been enough to fend off other passing walkers; her smell would be apparent regardless.

Could it be that the zombies were actually there to intimidate other humans? Did she get some twisted form of companionship from her undead buddies? Maybe she only needed them to help her accept her son's death? Regardless, they shouldn't have helped her blend in with hordes of zombies.

13 What became of Morales?

Remember when Rick finds Lori and Carl at the camp site? We know, it was a very long time ago. Well, if you need a refresher, Morales was one of the few members of the camp survivors who didn't become dead meat. Morales came across as an honest man and a great team player; just an all round stand-up guy as far as we could tell.

But when the new zombie tenants move in and the camp survivors decide that it's time to move on, Morales decides to go back to his hometown with his family in the hopes of finding their long-lost relatives. Will they ever hear from him again? Well that, friends, remains to be seen. Probably not, though.

12 Why didn't the runners from Alexandria ever bump into the Saviors?

The Walking Dead Showrunner Discusses Negan's Backstory

Alexandrians were known for being sheltered and naive about the world outside of their walls, but they did have a select group of runners who would leave the safety of its borders to find food and other supplies, as well as recruit new members. For this reason, it seems a little too coincidental that none of the runners ever ran into a Savior until our favorite survivors came along -- especially when you think about how many of these guys there are and the fact that they seem to have settlements scattered all over the place.

Is it possible that the quarry of zombies may have deterred certain unwanted visitors from entering the area around Alexandria? What's more, when they meet Negan's posse for the first time, they're actually searching for some escaped members of their own, so they might have extended their usual periphery. That being said, the exact location of the Savior's Sanctuary in relation to the other ‘safe-zones’ has yet to be explained.

11 Sophia's Abuse

Ed and Carol in The Walking Dead

You might remember that moment in Season 1 where Sophia’s father attempts to keep her in the tent with him while the rest of the crew go and eat? There is a fearful look on Sophia’s face, and her mother, Carol, quickly scolds him. Not much else is said regarding Sophia’s potential sexual abuse, but the eye contact Carol gives Ed and Sophia’s terrified expression suggest something truly awful has taken place in the past. Given the abuse he dished out to Carol, it would not be surprising if Sophia had also been a victim of her father.

This twisted narrative doesn't reach a conclusion. Carol doesn't go on to reveal any sense of remorse for having allowed Sophia to be abused, even following her daughter’s death and zombie transformation. It seemed like a good way to back up Carol’s mental breakdown afterwards. Perhaps this did have a part to play, but the character was too ashamed to admit it.

10 Will the walkers eventually die out?

Walking Dead Decaying Zombies

Let's face it, the walkers these days just ain't what they used to be. With the majority of the remaining walkers losing most of their vivacity, it's pretty evident that the older the zombie, the more decrepit they look. And coming up to Season 8, it won't be long until we're dealing with bags of walking compost. The more they rot, the weaker they get.

If they do end up “dying out”, it will most likely be caused by their own decay and less likely to be down to starvation. Although they have an unyielding urge to eat anything that moves, it doesn't seem like they really need to survive.

It will take a long time before they become harmless rotting corpses, but will this mean a zombie free world? We know that the zombie pathogen is airborne, so probably not, but there’s reason to believe that survivors could one day live in a predominantly human world if they can make it until then.

9 What ever happened to the remaining residents of Grady Memorial Hospital?

Grady Memorial Hospital was essentially a “safe-haven” for survivors that was run by members of the Atlanta Police Department. Here, they ran a kind of ‘you scratch my back’ regime in which they’d rescue outsiders but then obligate them to work there as repayment. The “rescued” would then become prisoners, as everything they took during their stay (water, medicine, etc.) would also have to be paid for in some form or other, thus giving way to an endless cycle of forced servitude.

After Beth attempts to kill Dawn, the power consumed leader of the hospital, she gets herself shot in the head and killed. Without a second thought, Daryl shoots Dawn in retaliation.

The remaining residents of Grady Memorial Hospital are finally free of their destructive leader, but after refusing to go with Rick’s crew, what became of the so-called refuge?

8 Do walkers have super-strength?

We all remember the scene in which Rick attempts to flee a crowd of zombies in Atlanta but ends up falling off his horse. Sadly, the horse quickly becomes zombie food, which, to look on the bright side, gives Rick time to escape under a tank. While the camera zooms in on the horse being attacked, we can hear the immediate ripping of its skin as the guts are seized from the animal’s body.

Considering the thickness of a horse’s skin, it seems unlikely the undead would be able to open it up with such ease without using their teeth first. The walkers are undeniably stronger than humans (especially when they have only just turned), however this is the only scene in which freshly-made zombies display such a high level of strength.

7 Why does Morgan so ruthlessly kill Richard?

Morgan Jones in The Walking Dead

Despite his many flaws, many of us were growing to love Richard when Morgan decided to choke the poor man to death. And he was one of the few people who wanted to fight those pesky Saviors early on.

Stuff hits the fan when Richard decides to sabotage a delivery meant for the Saviors (who knew a melon could cause such distress?) hoping that this would prompt them to kill him and consequently get the Kingdom fired up enough for war. But his plan backfires disastrously and they end up killing Benjamin, Morgan's young protege.

While Richard’s tactics to get the war going were undeniably questionable, he goes on to reveal that Benjamin’s death was an accident, and he had intended for his own life to be taken. Despite this revelation, the pain Morgan feels over Benjamin’s death causes him to snap and revert back to his old habits of killing without remorse.

Although Morgan's bond with Benjamin is made very obvious (and it parallels the one he shared with his son), it still doesn’t hold up as a good enough reason for Morgan to change so drastically, especially considering he didn’t budge when others he had known for longer were being persecuted by cold blooded murderers.

6 What's Zombie Girl's deal?

Walking Dead Bunny Slippers Girl Teddy Bear

Zombie Girl with the teddy bear is the first ever walker Rick sees and kills. And of course, this is an extremely emotional moment for Rick, as he comes to terms with the fact that he's going to have to blow this little monster's head off. Big ones, little ones, they're all the same. They're monsters, they're no longer people, and they'll have to be put down.

Something that stands out as slightly off is the fact that Zombie Girl bends down to pick up a teddy bear to take with her. This seems rather odd, considering the walkers don’t possess human traits or emotions and only really seem to care about getting their five humans a day, if you know what we mean.

5 Oops, It's Raining!

Throughout the show, we’ve seen the gang drench themselves in zombie blood time and time again, whenever they fancy walking through a swarm of zombies without being detected. This is usually a last resort, as zombie blood is not be the most ideal thing to be covered in, but many fans contest that they should really use this tactic more often -- or always.

In Season 1, when the gang is trapped inside a department store after being surrounded by a horde of walkers, Rick and Glenn cover themselves in zombie guts so that they can leave the safety of the shop and grab a nearby van without being exposed to the flesh eating parasites. They seem to be well on their way to getting away with it when it suddenly starts to rain. The rainfall apparently washes off the smell of guts and the walkers begin to detect there is a pair of humans in their midst via their (sometimes) keen olfactory senses.

Needless to stay, they both escape, but not without a fight. The dubious bit here: how would the rain completely wash away the smell in the first place, especially if you consider how difficult it is to remove blood from clothing… or are we totally missing something here?

4 Just how stupid are the walkers?

When Rick and the others drive away from Atlanta, they find themselves blocked by a cluster of abandoned cars. In another unlucky turn of events, Dale’s van breaks down, so the group decides to search the cars for fuel, water, and any other handy supplies. In a third unlucky turn of events, Rick notices a party of walkers stumbling towards them amidst the jungle of cars. Rick tells those nearest to him to hide under the cars and, other than a few strays, most of the zombies walk by completely oblivious to the human food lying at their feet.

Up until this moment, it seemed like one of their primary methods for discerning the presence of a human was via smell, but from this scene, it is made abundantly clear that their olfactory senses are not that sharp. All of this contradicts a little with the rain vs. blood scene that we just mentioned.

3 Where is Heath?

The Walking Dead - Heath

Heath became one of the more beloved characters of Season 6, which is why it came as a bit of a surprise when he suddenly disappeared on everyone this past year. He was one of the few Alexandrians to have a grasp on the outside world, having proved on several occasions that he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty alongside Rick and the gang.

After partaking in the massacre of a large group of Saviors, Heath and Tara go on a run for supplies. When the latter attempts to pull a bag out from beneath an enormous heap of sand, the heap collapses, releasing dozens of previously trapped walkers. Tara is separated from Heath, who still attempts to rescue her from afar, and she falls into the ocean to escape a pair of flesh-eaters. Heath is left trapped by a bunch of zombies with nothing but an unloaded gun to defend himself.

When Tara eventually makes it back after a terrifying run-in with the Oceanside crew, all that remains are his glasses and a card with “PPP” written on it. He has seemingly escaped, but is he still alive, or is he now amongst the undead? And will he ever make it back to the others?

2 The Vatos Gang

In the first season of The Walking Dead, Rick and some of his pals get into a bit of a kerfuffle with some ‘vatos’ as they attempt to retrieve some guns Rick had accidentally left behind. The Vatos take Glenn hostage and when Rick and the others attempt to rescue their beloved pizza boy as well as the weaponry, they are threatened with death.

In a surprising twist, an old lady walks in and shows them all the elderly people that are being looked after by the Vatos. Rick not only realizes that the Vatos don’t have the manpower to kill them (they have an average age of 70), but also that they are more or less good people trying to protect those most in need. Rick gives them some of the weaponry and that’s the last we see of them.

Psst... deleted scenes suggest none of them made it. Sad face.

1 How did the virus even start?

Walking Dead Drunk Zombies

They haven’t really touched on this subject, although there’s been a few attempts to find a cure. What we do know is that humans, or most of them, already live with the zombie pathogen which will become active upon their death. 'Zombification' can also be caused by a walker’s bite or scratch, which transmits an infection that kills and subsequently releases the pathogen.

The brain is directly affected; a walker displays no human intelligence or emotion (except for the occasional teddy bear attachment), yet has primal abilities such as smell and movement. The only way to destroy a walker is to damage its brain but as of yet, there has been no mention of a permanent cure. It would be interesting to find out what triggered the infection in the first place and whether this was man made or a natural occurrence. None of the characters seem to have any real knowledge on the subject and it’s possible no one really knows what happened, except Robert Kirkman, of course.


What other unsolved mysteries are floating around the world of the undead? Let us know in the comments.

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