The Walking Dead Will Feature The Whisperers

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple confirms that villainous group the Whisperers will appear on AMC's zombie TV series.

The Whisperers The Walking Dead

It sounds like the Whisperers are most definitely coming to AMC's zombie TV series The Walking Dead.

Over the years, we've seen the good and the bad of Robert Kirkman's comic book world come and go in the small-screen adaptation, while the villainous Whisperers are expected to be no exception. Alongside the likes of the Governor and Negan with his Saviors, the Whisperers have been queued up to mean big trouble for Rick Grimes and his Safe Zone survivors if they were to ever to cross paths. That's the thing though; with the show being a totally different beast to the comics, that was a big "if".

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With the show in flux thanks to death controversy, declining ratings, and a new showrunner at the top, there were "whispers" that the whole Whisperers arc of Kirkman's comics might not factor into The Walking Dead at all. However, speaking to TV Line, current showrunner Scott Gimple confirmed that they are out there (somewhere):

"[They are] absolutely on the menu. I just wouldn't necessarily say for this season or even exactly when."

The Walking Dead is still in the midst of season 8's All Out War, which promises to bring an end the battle between Rick and Negan, and while comic book readers will know how that is supposed to end, who knows how it will pan out on the small screen. With another Big Bad set to fall, attention obviously turns to who comes after this. There was a relatively large gap between David Morrissey's Governor and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, and although the likes of the Terminus cannibals and the Hunters got in the way, none were a match for the Guv or Negan and Lucille.

The Whisperers The Walking Dead

Probed a little further on whether there would be a nod to the group who wear the skin of the dead as disguises coming before we finish with Negan, Gimple teased, "I couldn't say that." So, in keeping with the show's cryptic past of setting things up, keep your eyes peeled when we return for the midseason premiere later this month. Interestingly, with Gimple moving over to Fear The Walking Dead to be replaced by Angela Kang, this must mean that he has put the foundations in place or at least spoken to her about where (and when) the Whisperers are lurking.

Echoing the words of Kirkman himself that the show would introduce the Whisperers eventually, it is likely that Gimple's confirmation will go down well with fans. Introduced in Issue #130, the Whisperers had their own arc and had major storylines for the likes of Rick, Negan, and Maggie, so it would be pretty hard to just gloss over them. However, the show has done stranger things.

So, with the Whisperers led by the sadistic Alpha - and their arrival impending - is this also proof that she is coming somewhere down the line too? Theorists already have their own ideas if we have already met her, but one of the most popular rumors is that Fear The Walking Dead's Maddison could eventually evolve into Alpha. With Fear set for a big time jump in season 4, both shows could collide in an even bigger way to introduce Kim Dickens' character as the main show's next villain. However, just like Gimple says, it doesn't necessarily mean it is right around the corner.

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The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 25 at 9pm ET on AMC.

Source: TV Line

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