The Walking Dead Will Have 'Civil Discourse' With Simon & Negan

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Eight seasons of The Walking Dead have given rise to some great comedy creations on the show - but now, actor Steven Ogg is teasing that his character Simon won't be laughing after his recent betrayal of Negan.

Known for his voice acting in Grand Theft Auto V and appearing in shows like Better Call Saul and Westworld, Ogg has emerged as one of the shining stars of our current run with the Saviors. The mustachioed marvel has sneered his way to the Hilltop after holding court with Gregory and only recently gunned down Jadis' junkyard followers in 'The Lost and the Plunderers'. However, it sounds like Simon's recent actions could have some serious consequences in the near future.

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Speaking to CinemaBlend, Ogg discussed how Simon's defiance of Negan could give him an express ticket to meet with Lucille:

"There's definitely different opinions. Which, in that boardroom meeting, we start to see a little bit of Simon not necessarily agreeing with Negan, and Negan wondering why Simon is being such a pain in the ass. We're gonna see that, within this community, there's certainly difference of opinion as to how things are gonna be handled. So, you know, with that there could be some civil discourse, if you will. 'You think this, I think that. I don't agree with what you're doing.'"

'Episode 10' saw Simon cross Negan by defying his orders and shooting up the junkyard. Although he managed to cover his tracks for now, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's tyrannical leader is not one who takes being lied to particularly well.  Whether or not Negan makes it to the Hilltop in the next episode, it is safe to assume that he and Simon will be having some words about what just happened when he finds out about Jadis' junkyard.

So far, the show has seen Simon become one of the most ruthless characters among Negan's camp and an important part as one of his generals. This makes it all the more intriguing that the pair are about to lock horns over Negan's orders. 'The Lost and the Plunderers' ended with Simon looking down at his pain covered shoe, teasing that Negan may already be onto him. Even if Simon doesn't taste the wire-wrapped Lucille, having crossed the likes of Maggie and Rick, he is most definitely public enemy number one.

The synopsis for the next episode, 'Dead or Alive Or', teases that Negan is putting the next stage of his community domination into play, but the promo doesn't seem to show any signs of the two men sharing any screen time. Given that Simon is the longest-surviving secondary antagonist in The Walking Dead's history, this makes him a prime candidate to fill season's 8's promise of thinning the herd - a comment that was actually made by Ogg himself. With Simon having crossed Negan (potentially for the last time), their upcoming bonding session could be a prelude to an early grave before the season is out.

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The Walking Dead continues Sunday, March 11 with 'Dear or Alive Or' on AMC.

Source: CinemaBlend

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