Watch Every Episode of 'The Walking Dead' So Far Before the Season 4 Premiere

If you saw the recent promo for AMC's hit zombie drama The Walking Dead, you may have already guessed that the peace described in the season 4 premiere title "30 Days Without Incident" is about to come to an end. With plenty of hints dropped about future crises and darker plotlines, we may be in for a rough ride during this next season, and it's doubtful that everyone's favorite characters are all going to make it out safely by the time it's over.

Despite the show's popularity, there are bound to be many people out there who have never seen a single episode, but are curious to know what all the fuss is about. In order to help entice this fresh audience, and to help recap the series so far for viewers who may have forgotten who everyone is and what's happened to them, AMC is running an epic marathon of The Walking Dead in the week leading up the season 4 premiere episode.

If you intend to stick around for the full marathon, then Screen Rant has a few tips for how to prepare for this epic binge-watch. First of all, practice sounding sick (flu season is here after all) so that you can call into work and explain why your ailments are preventing you from leaving the house. Then procure enough supplies of food and drink to last the week, since obviously there will be no going outside once the marathon begins. Be sure to stock up on coffee or your preferred caffeinated beverage, because in the later stages of the marathon there will be no time for sleep. It may be helpful to partake in exercise during long talking scenes in order to prevent your muscles from atrophying. Do not worry if you start to actually feel like a zombie - this is a normal part of the process.

'The Walking Dead' - crawling zombie

We're just kidding (mostly). AMC will actually air season 3 twice, with the first run ending at 4AM on the season 4 premiere day of October 13th, which allows plenty of time to get some sleep before finding out what has happened to Rick and the rest of the survivors in the prison during those "30 Days Without an Accident," and also to see what happens to end this brief period of calm.

According to what's been teased in interviews, the new threat this season will be neither people nor zombies, but instead something entirely new and possibly more dangerous than anything the survivors have encountered before. Even those fans who have read the comic books can't have a sure idea of what's to come, given the show's tendency to wander away from the comic book plots and deal out surprises. The 115th issue of Robert Kirkman's comic book series will be released on October 9th, and the highly-anticipated second season of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead video game is also expected to premiere some time in Q4 2013.

Let us know in the comments if you're planning to sit in on this marathon of The Walking Dead on AMC, or if you trust the opening episode recap to get you properly caught up.


The fourth season of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC @9PM ET on Sunday October 13th.

Source: AMC (via Wet Paint)

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