The Walking Dead "Dead or Alive Or" Trailer: Tensions Brew Over Dwight

A preview for the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead hints at another brewing tension among the Alexandrians, this time, over Dwight.

The fight for survival continues this week after a more somber episode last time in The Walking Dead due to Carl's death. However, the Alexandrians do not exactly have the luxury to properly grieve their latest loss with the Saviors hunting them down. As the survivors make their way to a safer place before coming up with a brand new plan to counter Negan and his men, the preview for next week's outing titled "Dead or Alive Or" hints at a potential new conflict within the team.

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The trailer features a slew of snippets from next week's outing of The Walking Dead. But as both sides of this supposed war gears up for the inevitable (or not) face-off, it seems like the Alexandrians have to settle some issues within their camp to make sure that they are all in the same page when full chaos has ensued. From the looks of it, Tara is hell-bent in exacting revenge on Dwight despite the advice of his colleagues. At one point, she even points a gun at Dwight's face, ready to pull the trigger. Check out how it all plays out in the clip above.

Austin Amelio as Dwight in The Walking Dead

It's understandable why Tara has this urgency to exact revenge on Dwight considering all his misdeeds. But if Daryl, who is technically Dwight's arch nemesis, is sitting on killing him, it's probably for the better that they all set aside their differences and follow his lead. At this point, Dwight doesn't have anything to gain by hanging around them, and given what he knows about the Saviors, he could be of help down the road - something that he appears to prove by helping them with navigation. We hope that this back and forth isn't foreshadowing another roguish behavior from the Alexandrians (this time, Tara) that could worsen their current situation. We've seen the plot point retreaded over and over again, that if that's the only reason why Dwight is still alive, the show might as well just get rid of him already so the story can move on.

With the way that this week's episode ended, it looks like we're finally inching our way toward the long-teased all-out war between Rick's and Negan's forces, and that's perhaps the best thing for the show. Otherwise, it's going to be another slow-paced season that mainly consisted of waffling from everyone - something that is starting to get really frustrating.  Then again, with Carl's vision of Negan peacefully co-existing with everyone else and his dying wish to both his father and the Saviors' leader, it's still possible that the intense battle will never fully come to fruition.

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The Walking Dead continues next Sunday at 9pm on AMC.

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