Walking Dead 'The Other Side' Promo: Rosita & Sasha Have a Plan

Sasha and Rosita from The Walking Dead

After tonight’s episode, 'Bury Me Here', the path seems rather clear for The Walking Dead heading into the final episodes of season 7: war with the Saviors. The Kingdom and, perhaps more importantly, Morgan and Carol are now fully involved in the war efforts. And while King Ezekiel seems content patiently planning the upcoming war with Negan, that’s not necessarily the case with characters like Rosita and Sasha.

After failing to kill Negan the first time (which led to Eugene’s capture and current residency among the Saviors), Rosita seems intent on trying for round two. Naturally, she sought out the help of Sasha – who also wants revenge against Negan for the murder of Abraham – to carry out this potentially misguided attempt to get the war started a little early. Next week’s episode, titled ‘The Other Side’, is set to focus on Rosita and Sasha’s plan to take out Negan once and for all.

Now, AMC has released a new promo for ‘The Other Side', and it seems like The Walking Dead is headed for the Hilltop community next week. The promo mainly highlights Sasha and Rosita coming up with an unspecified plan to kill Negan and Jesus trying to talk them out of it, but it also seemingly reveals current Hilltop leader Gregory potentially giving up Daryl to the Saviors.

Sasha and Rosita from The Walking Dead

With Sasha actress Sonequa Martin-Green nabbing a lead role in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery show, there’s been a lot of speculation that Sasha will be coming into contact with Lucille by season’s end. It's possible that ‘The Other Side’ will mark the end of Martin-Green’s tenure on The Walking Dead, but given showrunner Scott Gimple’s tendency to save main cast deaths for finales and premieres, it seems more likely they’ll save any sort of death for the season 7 finale. Ideally, this will be around the time the show begins its All Out War arc outright.

While some fans may be disappointed that ‘The Other Side’ is seemingly using stalling tactics (especially after a plot heavy episode in 'Bury Me Here') by focusing an entire episode around Rosita and Sasha, it’s probably logical to conclude this particular storyline before getting into the meatier story of war with the Saviors. This could also be the perfect time for The Walking Dead to get the Hilltop Colony more on board with Rick and the rest’s war efforts against the unsuspecting Negan. Either way, hopefully ‘The Other Side’ proves to be more than just a filler episode.

The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘The Other Side’ @9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC

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