The Walking Dead: Steven Yeun Open For Glenn Return


The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun has stated his willingness to return to the show as Glenn Rhee, albeit only under the right conditions. Yeun's interpretation of the likeable Glenn made the character a fan favorite on the show and was an ever present member of the cast alongside protagonist Rick Grimes. Glenn's relationship with Maggie Greene led to some of The Walking Dead's most tender scenes and the character often acted as the show's moral compass.

Infamously, of course, Glenn met his demise during the first episode of season seven when big baddie Negan decided to use the character's head for baseball practice. The scene was notoriously grisly, prompting complaints from some viewers, and in a show where no one is really dead until their corpse is seen on screen, the episode left no doubt in anyone's mind that Glenn was truly deceased.

That hasn't prevented Yeun being asked whether or not he'll ever return to the show however and in a short interview with Sydney, Australia's Daily Telegraph, the actor confirmed that he'd be up for a potential return so long as it made sense to do so. Yeun states:

“I will leave it [a return] open to what makes sense, I wouldn’t want anybody to force anything but if it makes sense, then I am totally down. I owe The Walking Dead my whole start, I was doing theater in Chicago, sketch comedy and improv, and then I moved to Los Angeles and that show opened the door to let me in to the business."

Steven Yeun as Glenn in The Walking Dead

From a career perspective, Yeun's comments make total sense. Although the actor's post-zombie apocalypse career has been going well - he's currently on promotional duty for Okja - a future return to the show that made him famous would be huge news and with the man himself admitting that The Walking Dead sparked his career, it'd be remiss not to return if asked.

However, the scope for Glenn actually returning to The Walking Dead in a way that makes sense is very limited indeed. As previously mentioned, the character was murdered in no uncertain terms and in graphic on-screen detail which absolutely rules out the character ever returning alive in the current timeline.

A return for Glenn isn't completely impossible however. The show hasn't been shy about throwing in a few dreamlike sequences throughout its run and in a future Maggie-centric episode, it's possible that the new leader of the Hilltop colony could begin to have visions of her former husband that aid in her own character development. Alternatively, if the show ever decides to make increased use of flashbacks, Glenn would certainly be a prime candidate to bring back, if only to please fans. Or maybe he'll just come back as the first ever headless zombie.

The Walking Dead season eight is expected to premiere in October on AMC.

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Source: Daily Telegraph

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