'Walking Dead' Spinoff Pilot Greenlit; Season 5 Image Gallery

The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves discussing what this spinoff may or may not be, there's still The Walking Dead's season 5 premiere in roughly a month. We know a little of what's to come this season, like their planned journey to Washington D.C. and whatever Norman Reedus was teasing on Twitter just the other day.

Now we've got a whole gallery's worth of new images from season 5. Check them out below.

We knew the whole gang would finally be together again in Terminus, and these new images confirm Tyreese, Carol, and hopefully little baby Judith will arrive before too long. And though fans will surely be excited for these reunions - Daryl and Carol especially - they definitely do not imply things will be getting any easier for the survivors any time soon.

What sort of horrors are you expecting this season on The Walking Dead? And what are looking forward to the new companion series exploring? Let us hear what you think in the comments below!

The Walking Dead season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12 @9/8c.

Source: EW

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