Sonequa Martin-Green & Scott Wilson Returning for Walking Dead Season 9

Sonequa Martin-Green and Scott Wilson are returning as their characters Sasha and Hershel, respectively, in The Walking Dead season 9 this year.

Sonequa Martin-Green and Scott Wilson Returning to The Walking Dead NYCC Announcement

Both Sonequa Martin-Green and Scott Wilson will be returning to their roles in the upcoming season of The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead has been on the air for eight years now, with the first season debuting in 2010. Season 9 of The Walking Dead will feature a time jump and also introduce the Whisperers, who were known antagonists in the comic books.

The upcoming season will also continue the story of the main group of survivors that fans have grown to love such as Rick, Maggie, and Daryl. While the show will no doubt introduce new characters, the program will also surely kill off certain survivors from each of the groups. Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln has been confirmed to be leaving after season 9, although whether Rick survives or not is another question. While AMC will surely filter through more talented actors until the show comes to a conclusion, two veteran Walking Dead actors will be returning for season 9.

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Martin-Green and Wilson will be reprising their roles as Sasha Williams and Hershel Greene for season 9 of The Walking Dead; Wilson filmed his scenes prior to his death. The news broke at the Saturday panel for the show at New York Comic Con. Showrunner Angela Kang revealed that these two actors would be returning and also confirmed that Jon Bernthal will reprise his role of Shane Walsh. All three actors are believed to be appearing in the first half of the upcoming season.

Sonequa Martin-Green and Jeffery Dean Morgan as Sasha and Negan in The Walking Dead

While it was already known that Shane would be appearing in season 9, it's big news for Walking Dead fans that Sasha and Hershel will be returning as well. Sasha made her first appearance in the eighth episode of season 3 called "Made to Suffer". She was formally apart of Tyreese's group until they found the prison and joined Rick. She became a strong leader on the show but died in an attempt to kill Negan by becoming a walker. Hershel, on the other hand, was introduced in season 2 and was the father of Maggie and Beth. He became a father figure to many characters and became known for his wisdom. Hershel last appeared alive in season 4 before he was decapitated by The Governor.

It's no doubt exciting that Martin-Green, Wilson, and even Bernthal are returning for the season 9, but it's still a mystery as to how they will return since they all died in previous seasons. That being said, it wouldn't be the first time a character has returned for a flashback or even a hallucination. No matter how they return, fans won't have to wait very much longer to figure out.

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The Walking Dead season 9 premieres October 7 on AMC.

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