Sonequa Martin-Green's Sasha Is Walking Dead's Most Underrated Character

Sonequa Martin-Green's Sasha was one of The Walking Dead's most complex characters. Here's why she was underrated on the series.

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Sonaqua Martin-Green's Sasha is arguably the most underrated character on The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman's goal when he created The Walking Dead comic was to have a zombie movie that never ended, and charted how characters would evolve throughout the apocalypse. The series became famous for its great characters and shocking violence, with surprise deaths occurring regularly.

The Walking Dead became a TV series in 2010 and while the first couple of seasons were flawed, it soon found a rabid fanbase. The Walking Dead is now a full-blown franchise, with the show about to enter its tenth season, a spinoff series in Fear The Walking Dead, and various video games and novels. Andrew Lincoln is set to return as Rick Grimes for an upcoming theatrical Walking Dead movie too. Fans were saddened by the sudden announcement the comic was ending with issue #193, however, which acts as an epilogue to the series.

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The Walking Dead TV series has lost a lot of great characters over the years, with the show giving Game Of Thrones a run for its money when it comes to shock deaths. One of the most underrated characters was Sasha Williams, played by Sonaqua Martin-Green. The actress originally auditioned for Michonne during season 3, and while she didn't get the part, showrunner Glen Mazzara created the role of Sasha so she could join the show.

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Sasha is the sister of Tyreese, who both become part of Rick Grimes' group of survivors. Sasha was a firefighter before the zombie apocalypse, and her realist attitude is in contrast to Tyreese's more optimistic outlook. The Walking Dead portrayed Sasha as extremely capable and a great shot, but while she tries to make cold choices in the name of survival, this is to protect herself from the harshness of the world. In season 5 she goes through a rough time when her boyfriend Bob and Tyreese are both killed within a short time.

This leads Sasha to suffer from PTSD, which manifests in lying down with corpses and taking her anger out on zombies. She's ill at ease when the group is invited to join Alexandria, who have been mostly shielded from the horrors of the outbreak. Sasha eventually falls for Abraham Ford, another hardened survivor who suffered from similar issues. They form a surprisingly sweet relationship, which again ends horribly during The Walking Dead's infamous season 7 premiere when Negan beats Abraham to death with his baseball bat.

With the news of Sonequa Martin-Green joining Star Trek: Discovery, it was little surprise when Sasha departed The Walking Dead at the end of season 7. The show gave her a fitting and emotional exit, however. While Daryl or Michonne are top of the list when it comes to fan-favorite characters, Sasha was one of the show's most complex survivors. She suffered more than her fair share of loss, but for the sake of her friends, she always found the strength to fight. This continued to her last episode, where she refused to be a pawn and sacrifices herself to give them a chance. Sonequa Martin-Green crafted a memorable character with Sasha, who is still missed on the show.

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