The Walking Dead: Sasha's Fate Revealed


[SPOILERS for those not caught up on The Walking Dead ahead.]


As the seasons of The Walking Dead have gone on, former cop Rick Grimes and his mismatched group of zombie apocalypse survivors have been through a lot of hardships, to put it mildly. While they do occasionally meet like-minded people that eventually find themselves assimilating into the group, for awhile, it seemed like nearly everyone Rick and company met wanted to murder them and take what they had. This mindset ended up being most embodied by The Saviors, a cabal of brutes and scavengers led by the psychopathic Negan.

Of course, Negan's menace comes with a twist, in that the Saviors aren't necessarily out to simply kill those they run across. While Negan and his main squeeze Lucille certainly do their fair share of that, what he usually prefers is to instead force his victims into perpetual servitude, adding more and more laborers into his ever-growing army. There are few more powerful motivators than fear, and Negan uses this to reign over his self-made kingdom with an iron fist - and a barbed-wire bat - secure in the knowledge that few dare oppose him.

Unfortunately for Negan, when he killed Abraham and Glenn, he effectively ensured that Rick's group would be the biggest threat yet to his rule. While Rick briefly tried to live under Negan's tyranny, that time has ended, and the anti-Negan forces are slowly but surely coming together. Devastated by the loss of Abraham though, Sasha and Rosita proved unwilling to wait for this mass offensive effort, and headed off to Negan's compound at the end of last Sunday's Walking Dead episode with the intention of killing him. When the episode ended, things seemed bleak for Sasha, but new AMC promo photos for next week reveal that she is alive and well, for now at least. Check them out below.


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The above photos reveal that Sasha is now being kept inside the darkened cell that once-housed Daryl, during the hellish period in which Negan and Dwight attempted to break his mind and convert him to their cause. Clearly, Negan decided that for right now, Sasha has more value to him alive than dead, otherwise she would have met the business end of Lucille already.

Another interesting wrinkle revealed by the photos is that Eugene - just a few episodes removed from his seeming betrayal of Rick's group and full-on conversion to follower of Negan - is aware that Sasha is being held captive. What's unclear is whether he intends to do anything to help her. Some have speculated that Eugene's allegiance to Negan is only a ruse, but at this point it still remains to be seen where his loyalty truly lies. If Sasha hopes to make it out of next week's Walking Dead episode alive though, she may very well need his help.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Something They Need’ @9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC [via Screener TV]

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