Walking Dead Season 9 Set Photos Preview New Locations

The Walking Dead Season 9

The Walking Dead season 8 is barely in the bag and Morgan Jones is just settling into his new home on Fear the Walking Dead, but we've already got our first look at what's in store for TWD season 9. Newly revealed set photos give us a look at never before seen locations. Could this be a clue to the season 9 storyline?

AMC's zombie drama has been suffering from lackluster viewership lately, especially after Carl's shocking midseason death in season 8. But that didn't stop the network from renewing TWD for a ninth season. With that renewal, we've seen fan theory rumblings of the Whisperers heading toward Alexandria and promises of more crossovers in the future. But a few recent set photos could point to a very different group heading to the show in season 9.

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Carla McMillian, who serves on the Georgia Court of Appeals, shared photos on Twitter of the set outside the Judicial Building yesterday afternoon. In the photos, cars are overturned and trunks have been ransacked. But the buildings behind this apocalyptic scene look to be in great shape. McMillian joked that she was posting the photos so her kids would think she was cool. WSB-TV news reporter, Richard Elliot, also took to Twitter to share photos of the set inside the Capitol Building. Tents and sleeping bags can be seen scattered around inside the building. Check out the intriguing set photos below:

Some Twitter users saw these photos and immediately came to the conclusion that the Commonwealth will soon be depicted in the show. The Commonwealth is a recently introduced group of over 50,000 survivors who seem to want to seize power over the new world solely for the rich. These survivors do, indeed, live in gorgeous locations like the Capitol Building shown above.

In this new group, formerly rich survivors are given positions of power in Commonwealth, while those who had lower stations before the zombie apocalypse are left to do the dirty work for the community. This group is relatively new, just kicking off the New World Order arc and only showing up in just a couple of comic book issues so far. While the Commonwealth group has not specifically been revealed as a villain at this time, it seems the survivors' caste system and segregation will simply have to lead to conflict down the line.

Recent casting news revealed showrunners are on the search for actors to portray Magna and Yumiko. These two characters were present for the Whisperer War, but they were also among the survivors questioned at the Commonwealth when the two groups first met.

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Source: Richard Elliot on Twitter/Carla McMillian on Twitter

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