Walking Dead Season 9: Every Update You Need To Know

  • The Walking Dead Season 9
  • Release Date: TBA, likely mid to late October 2018
  • Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Directors: Various, Greg Nicotero will return
  • Showrunner: Angela Kang

Returning Cast Members For The Walking Dead Season 9

Much of The Walking Dead's main cast have already renewed their contracts for season 9. Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Josh McDermittt (Eugene Porter), Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel), Ross Marquand (Aaron), Alanna Masterson (Tara Chambers), Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinoza), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) have all been confirmed to return, assuming their characters survive season 8.

Chandler Riggs will not be present for season 9, despite Carl Grimes having been a key character for much of the series. Carl died by walker bite in the season 8 mid-season premiere. Lennie James may not be featured in The Walking Dead, as his character, Morgan Jones, will now be joining sister series Fear the Walking Dead - though don't rule out the possibility of him appearing in both shows, since Fear is a prequel set before Morgan was reunited with Rick. Corey Hawkins is rumored to (finally) be returning as Heath.

Most notable are the contract negotiations surrounding Maggie Rhee actress, Lauren Cohan. Maggie is currently pregnant with Glenn's child and has essentially become the leader of the Hilltop, making her an important element in the show's future, but Cohan has yet to seal the deal for season 9. Reports claim that the actress is holding out for money and has recently signed on to star in the pilot for the new series Whiskey Cavalier.

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The Walking Dead's Season 8 "All Out War" Arc Explained

Rick has become the de facto leader of Alexandria following the deaths of the entire Monroe family. Carol has gained a special relationship with Kingdom leader King Ezekiel, despite her earlier attempts to be left alone. Maggie is essentially situated as leader of the Hilltop, and the citizens of the community show her respect and turn to her for advice and support. The three camps have been battling Negan and his brutal army of Saviors in “All Out War” - often leading to inside conflict as each survivor struggles to reconcile themselves with each others' methods of dealing with Negan and the Saviors.

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The Whisperers Are A Strong Bet For The Walking Dead Season 9

No details have been confirmed, but Scott Gimple has promised that the Whisperers will be tackled on the show, making their introduction a logical progression for season 9. This should see Negan grow from a villain to more of an antihero, if the season plays out anything like the comic books. Heath is reported to be returning, and his mysterious disappearance will finally be explained. However the season progresses, viewers can expect radical changes from the comic storyline, given Carl's death and the possible departure of Maggie.

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There's Been A Massive Shakeup Behind-The-Scenes On The Walking Dead

Disappointed fans may have been calling for Scott Gimple's resignation following Carl's shocking death, but they won't be getting their wish any time soon. Quite the contrary. Gimple has been promoted to Chief Content Officer for all of AMC's Walking Dead shows, including Fear The Walking Dead and any future projects. With that said, writer Angela Kang (who scripted one of season 7's most popular episodes, "Sing Me A Song") will be stepping into Gimple's former position as showrunner in The Walking Dead season 9.

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There Is No Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 9 Yet

There is not yet a trailer for The Walking Dead season 9. For the past several years, The Walking Dead has debuted mysterious trailers riddled with clues about the upcoming season at the San Diego Comic-Con, as they did with the intriguing Old Man Rick reveal last year. If this tradition remains the same, we can expect a season 9 trailer to come out of Comic-Con between July 19-22.

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The Walking Dead Season 9 Is Still Awaiting A Poster

The Walking Dead season 9 does not have an officially released poster yet. We can likely expect a poster to be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con this July. The show has a history of timing their poster reveals with other popular franchises, often poking fun at their rivals in their images. Previous poster wars pitted The Walking Dead against Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

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The Show Will Finally Crossover With Fear The Walking Dead

Some of the biggest news to come out of this past season is the departure of fan favorite Morgan Jones as he makes his way to join the season 4 cast of Fear the Walking Dead. News of how exactly the two shows will collide has remained largely under wraps, leading many to ponder the possibility that Morgan will bring the survivors back to Alexandria and/or that the Fear The Walking Dead survivors are actually the Whisperers. Showrunners have previously claimed that Fear The Walking Dead was too far behind in the timeline to catch up to its sister show. The crossover either means that Fear The Walking Dead season 4 will feature a time jump, or that it will show a stage in Morgan's journey before he met up with Rick in Alexandria. Fear The Walking Dead showrunners have teased that Morgan will change his new group and they will change him as well.

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More The Walking Dead Spinoffs Are On The Way

Showrunners have expressed interest in expanding The Walking Dead's universe with multiple spinoffs, noting that the zombie drama could last as long as the Star Trek franchise. Greg Nicotero suggested a spinoff featuring frozen winter walkers the from the comic books, while Robert Kirkman teased that the story could begin to expand outside of North AmericaThe Walking Dead has taken place largely in rural Georgia and Virginia, while Fear The Walking Dead has traveled the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

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Walking Dead Season 9: Every Update You Need To Know