The Walking Dead: 8 Unanswered Questions After The Midseason Premiere

Alpha the Whisperer and Negan in The Walking Dead

Here are all the big unanswered questions from The Walking Dead season 9's midseason premiere, "Adaptation." Returning after the latest winter break, The Walking Dead had plenty of business to attend to after the shocking debut of the Whisperers and subsequent death of Jesus in last year's midseason finale. That same episode also ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, with Michonne, Daryl and a handful of others surrounded in a graveyard by a mixture of their new foes and, in the words of Eugene, the "original recipe" undead.

This predicament solves itself in anticlimactic fashion, as the protagonist group more or less just walk away from their aggressors and, from that point, the episode settles into a familiar groove. The Walking Dead midseason premiere follows-up on Negan's jailbreak, introduces several of the main Whisperer contingent and continues to tease unseen events that occurred during the latest time jump. Elsewhere, Rosita makes a life-changing reveal that brings the AMC version of The Walking Dead a little closer to its comic book source material.

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With some way to go until the community fair that will supposedly dominate the final act of The Walking Dead season 9, plenty of questions remain unanswered coming out of "Adaptation." Here are the most pressing issues from The Walking Dead season 9.

Who Trapped Alden and Luke?

The Walking Dead - Alpha

Arguably the biggest question raised by The Walking Dead's midseason premiere comes in the episode's final scene. The Walking Dead's gradual introduction of the Whisperers has come about via a series of ill-fated expeditions: Eugene and Rosita ventured out first, Michonne's group set out to rescue them and now Alden and Luke have taken off after the second group failed to return swiftly enough.

Unsurprisingly, this latest search party soon falls foul of the Whisperers after Luke is tricked into thinking a trail of arrows has been left by his friend, Yumiko. In truth, the arrows were placed by a shotgun-wielding female Whisperer to trick the boys into an ambush. While it's hard to tell one Whisperer from another under their dead skin masks (that's partly why they wear them), the figure seen here is no ordinary foot-soldier, but Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers played by Samantha Morton.

Although her appearance is brief, and her actual face remains unseen, this moment marks the debut of The Walking Dead's next prime antagonist after Negan and gives a small hint at what the three communities will soon be facing. Clearly, Alpha is cunning, ruthless and has a large number of followers ready to do her bidding.

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Who Is Lydia?

Lydia in The Walking Dead Season 9

After the Whisperers' graveyard attack and subsequent pursuit fails, Michonne and Daryl manage to capture one of their new enemies - a young, teenage girl who seems frightened but is still unwilling to divulge any information about her people. The girl is taken back to the Hilltop and interrogated without success, prompting Michonne to remind Daryl that he "knows what to do" if the prisoner proves to be of no use. Evidently, not at ease with the idea of killing a teenage girl, Daryl resumes his questioning but is unable to get straight answers until he engineers Henry, currently in jail for drinking booze, as a knight in shining armor. The ruse works and Daryl overhears the girl telling Henry that her name is Lydia.

Played here by Cassady McClincy, comic readers will know that Lydia is actually Alpha's daughter, and goes on to play a significant role in the forthcoming conflict between the three communities and the Whisperers. Already, the TV iteration of the character has slight deviations; dark hair instead of blonde and Henry as a love interest instead of Carl, but the capture of Lydia does set up a future confrontation on The Walking Dead straight out of the comic books.

Perhaps the most important question regarding Lydia is whether or not she can be trusted. While the youngster does appear genuinely frightened by Daryl and Michonne, she also manages to hide all the important details regarding her group. Is the scared teenager routine just an act? Or is there more to Lydia's life with the Whisperers than meets the eye?

What Do The Whisperers Want?

With the introduction of both Alpha and Lydia, thoughts begin to turn to what the Whisperers' intentions and goals are regarding the Hilltop and its fellow communities. Initially, the dispute seemed to be about territory. Eugene and Rosita ventured out further than anyone had previously in search of a radio tower and apparently encroached on Whisperer territory, ultimately leading to deaths on both sides.

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However, Lydia later cries "we were going to kill you anyway" while being interrogated by Daryl. This could certainly be another of the teenager's lies but it would be strange for Lydia to make up such a thing if her intention was to placate Daryl and avoid getting hurt. Perhaps then the girl is being honest and the Whisperers would've moved against Hilltop and Alexandria regardless of whether someone intruded on their territory.

While Lydia's plan remains a mystery, Alpha's intention in capturing Alden and Luke is far clearer. Hilltop have a Whisperer prisoner, the leader's daughter no less, and the Whisperers have two captives from Hilltop. Alpha likely intends to offer a trade, as suggested by the recent trailer for the second half of The Walking Dead season 9.

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