The Walking Dead: 9 Unanswered Questions From The Midseason Finale

Where Is Negan Headed?

Negan was up to his old tricks in the latest episode of The Walking, riling up Father Gabriel with comments about Rosita, being half blind and anything else that would get a rise out of his makeshift therapist. These verbal barbs clearly weren't part of grand, manipulative escape plan on Negan's part but that's exactly what ultimately happened as, in his frustration, Gabriel neglected to lock the door to Negan's cell.

Barely able to believe his luck, the jailbird of Alexandria tossed aside his toy tennis ball and gleefully made for the exit. So, what exactly is Negan's plan of action? After all, it'll surely be impossible for him to escape Alexandria without any weapons or assistance. In this instance, the comic books may provide some clues.

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The comic version of Negan also finds his cage unlocked one day, albeit not because of Gabriel, but instead of making a break for freedom, he opts to stay obediently in his cell to earn trust. Later on in the story, however, Negan is helped out of Alexandria by a disgruntled resident and eventually comes across the Whisperers. The TV series could still take either route; maybe Negan will enjoy a stroll around town then return to his cell in time for dinner, or perhaps the narrative will skip that particular beat and he'll end up intertwined with the new villains.

Was Negan Right About Rosita?

Walking Dead Eugene Rosita Whisperers

Before his escape, Negan had a brand new cell window and was not afraid to use it. While teasing Gabriel, Negan reveals that many residents of Alexandria have forgotten all about him rotting in jail and often discuss things of a personal nature right next to his window. The former Savior chief goes on to boast that he overheard Rosita talking about her feelings for someone other than Father Gabe during one such eavesdropping session.

Gabriel naturally reacts to these comments with skepticism and, in fairness, Negan certainly has a history of using emotional manipulation to get what he wants out of people. This time, however, he might just be on to something.

It seems strange that Gabriel and Rosita even became a couple in the first place but, since the time jump, there have been several instances where a more genuine romantic connection has been implied between Rosita and Eugene. This plot is likely inspired The Walking Dead's comic series, in which Rosita is revealed to be in a relationship with Eugene after the time jump but, her heart not quite in it, she ends up cheating on him with Siddiq. The only difference here is that Gabriel is the jilted party instead of Eugene.

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Is Henry The New Carl?

Matt Lintz as Henry on The Walking Dead

When Carl Grimes was written out of The Walking Dead last season, there was some concern over how the show would adapt his comic book storylines, especially since the youngster's printed incarnation is still very much alive. Then-showrunner Scott M. Gimple responded to these worries, claiming that the same plot points would still be covered on the show, but with different characters.

Based on his scenes in "Evolution", it seems that Henry could be a key part of that strategy. In The Walking Dead comics, Carl becomes an apprentice blacksmith at the Hilltop and goes on to develop feelings for a captured Whisperer prisoner called Lydia - a relationship that greatly worsens the conflict between the two groups. Young Henry has already taken up Carl's position as Earl's apprentice and, over the last few episodes, The Walking Dead has repeatedly demonstrated Henry's keen sense of morality. Could this character's heroic actions be building towards him replacing Carl as Lydia's teenage knight in shining armor?

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