The Walking Dead Season 9 Finale: 3 Things That Gave Us Closure (& 7 Things They Still Haven’t Addressed)

TWD's Season 9 finale, unsurprisingly, was left as a cliffhanger. However, they did answer more questions this season than ever before.

The Walking Dead roared back into form with Season 9, which was a remarkable step up from the lackluster storylines from Season 7 and Season 8. Season 9 generally avoided playing around with the fans and presented resolutions to plots within the same season.

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Despite answering some burning questions within the season, Season 9's finale did bring up several new questions which are left to be answered in season 10 or later on. Here, we’ll discuss the 3 things we got closure for, and 7 things that still need to be addressed when Season 10 starts.

10 Haven’t Addressed: Why Carol Left Ezekiel

Seeing as Carol and Ezekiel had been married for about 7-9 years, it’s a shock how easily she divorced him in the season finale. Clearly, the loss of Henry created a rift between them, but things weren’t explicitly said.

We never found out what arguments had contributed toward this eventual dissolution of their marriage. There must have been something huge that led to Carol walking out on Ezekiel and returning to Alexandria – a place she hadn’t been to for almost a decade. Season 10 will obviously further address what happened between these two, but Season 9 left us wanting more answers.

9 Haven’t Addressed: The Time Jump

The Walking Dead season 9 finale The Storm explained

Season 9 had all of three time jumps. The first was around 18 months; the second was 6 years; the third, we have no clue. What we do know is that the third time skip changed everyone greatly since the loss of the people on the pikes.

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The blizzard hit Virginia quite a few months after the incident. Seeing as the Kingdom had fallen and in the previous episode, the community seemed to be experiencing a revival. All we understood was that some time had passed, but exactly how long it had been since Alpha’s attack was left a mystery; we don’t even know how far along Rosita is in her pregnancy.

8 Closure: Alpha’s True Feelings

Yes, the villain’s psyche is now something we are well aware of. At first, she didn’t seem to care as much about her daughter as she did about becoming the leader of the Whisperers, but the final episode showed that she was still mourning the loss of Lydia.

Alpha's scene where she voluntarily is whipped reminds us that she believes her grief over her lost daughter, Lydia, is seen as a moment of weakness. We now know that Alpha wanted her daughter to be with her, but ultimately, her quest for power has taken first place in her list of priorities and she’ll always place that above everything else; even though inwardly she’d like Lydia back.

7 Haven’t Addressed: What Happened To The Helicopter Group

The Helicopter group was around the area for at least two years seeing as Jadis had been in contact with them pre-Season 7. However, the group ostensibly disappeared once they got hold of Rick and Jadis.

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They’ve never been seen or mentioned since, which means they aren’t in the vicinity anymore, but that doesn’t provide any explanation as to who the heck they were in the first place. We never found out what an “A” or a “B” were supposed to be – the people Jadis handed the group over to. Unfortunately for TV fans, it appears Season 10 won’t be answering these questions either.

6 Haven’t Addressed: Who Was On the Radio

The Walking Dead’s season finales always leave a big cliffhanger; Season 9 wasn’t an exception. The very final seconds of the finale had Ezekiel saying goodbye to Judith, before the radio intercepted another signal and a woman’s voice was heard.

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There were no hints of any other community existing nearby, which means this person is from an entirely new community we have no clue of; it’s always very much possible this community is far away. The show deliberately didn’t address this person on the radio since it’ll be the talking point among fans for the next six months until Season 10 premieres.

5 Closure: The Whisperers’ Nomadic Nature

Whisperer on The Walking Dead

We didn’t find out what specific beef the Whisperers had with the communities in all of Season 9. Alpha mentioned it was because they crossed into her borders, but she’d never been in those borders until very recently.

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The finale cemented the notion that the Whisperers consider wherever they are at present as their territory. This was confirmed when the Whisperers were nowhere to be found during the blizzard when the heroes crossed their borders. The reason for their absence was that the Whisperers simply weren’t there at all at the time and had migrated to warmer places, thereby confirming that they are truly nomadic and their borders go where they go.

4 Haven’t Addressed: What Happened To Oceanside

Oceanside was barely featured at all in Season 9. So little was shown that we have no idea who their leader even is now. Their supposed leader, Cyndie, has yet to be seen after the six-year jump but hasn’t been mentioned as dead either.

We never saw Oceanside in its present state either, and it appears the community is pretty much on its own now after the time jump following the pike incident. Who’s their definitive leader? Are they in contact with the communities still? Do they accept men in their borders now? All these questions remain unaddressed, and the finale chose to keep it this way.

3 Haven’t Addressed: The Status Of Kingdommers

Kingdom moves to Hilltop on The Walking Dead season 9

The Kingdom became a fallen community once its resources dried up and its walls became too deteriorated for habitation. The finale saw the community members journeying to the Hilltop, but there were hardly any people seen.

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The Kingdom was supposed to be a large community, which makes for the finale's depiction of the group so surprising. Did many of the members perish before the blizzard? Did they abandon the Kingdom and flee beforehand? We’re also not sure if Ezekiel even is a king anymore, and what are now the roles of the Kingdommers in the new communities.

2 Closure: Negan’s Redemption Path

Could Negan be a good guy on The Walking Dead season 10

For Negan, the whole of Season 9 was a slow redemption arc. He started out still wanting power, but then shed his worst side as his fatherly love for Judith overcame his quest for power. He remained behind bars for more than 90-percent of his appearances, but the finale saw him make clear that he was rehabilitated.

Negan ran into the blizzard to rescue Judith, something that was almost guaranteed to cost him his life, and then had a civil chat with Michonne in his final scene of the season. We can be certain now that Negan will not be playing the villain role in Season 10.

1 Haven’t Addressed: Where’s Maggie?

Maggie was said to be with Georgie’s people while things were stable at the Hilltop, but things have now gotten so unfortunate that there’s no leader of Hilltop at all. Both Jesus and Tara met their ends, and it’s been a heck of a long time since we've heard from Maggie.

She’d been sending letters before, but since Jesus’ death, she hasn’t replied back at all. The finale only mentioned that she hadn’t answered any of her letters, which throws in doubt whether Georgie’s group is even safe or not now. We don’t know if Maggie is safe, or if she’s battling foes like the Whisperers herself now.

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