The Walking Dead: 6 Unanswered Questions After Season 9, Episode 14

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This week's episode of The Walking Dead, "Scars", delivered some long-awaited answers to some of season 9's biggest mysteries, but still left plenty of question unanswered. With each passing installment, The Walking Dead season 9's inter-community fair has gradually come together and last week's offering finally saw preparations for the event come to a head, as newcomers The Highwaymen were recruited to provide security for attendees. Daryl's group also fought off a Whisperer attack, but found themselves unsure where to go next after eventually deciding to take Lydia in as one of their own.

"Scars" shifted the focus back on to Alexandria and its de facto leader, Michonne, and through a series of flashbacks, revealed why the community had become so isolated and distrusting of strangers, while also explaining the origin of the X-shaped scars seen earlier this season. Back in the present timeline, Judith demonstrated wisdom far beyond her tender years and all the action began to converge upon the Kingdom ahead of the big fair.

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However, with only two episodes remaining of The Walking Dead season 9, "Scars" also left a number of plot threads dangling ahead of the sure-to-be dramatic season 9 finale. Here are the most vital unanswered questions from episode 14.

Does Jocelyn's Appearance Rule Out Another Big Reunion For Michonne?

Walking Dead Season 9 Time Jump Michonne Danai Gurira

In an unexpected twist, The Walking Dead revealed the source of Michonne's ruthlessness and the unknown tragedy that befell Alexandria during the time skip. Shortly following Rick's apparent death, Michonne was coincidentally reunited with an old childhood friend, Jocelyn, who had been living Peter Pan-style alongside a group of ragged children. While Jocelyn's group were initially welcomed into Alexandria with open arms, it quickly became clear that Michonne's former pal had taken a turn for the insane, and was stealing kids to turn into hardened post-apocalyptic warriors.

This storyline isn't taken from the TWD comic books but, interestingly, Michonne does have another emotional reunion with a loved one in the source material. Upon first visiting the massive Commonwealth community, Michonne discovers that her daughter Elodie is alive and the two share a heartfelt reintroduction.

Curiously, the Jocelyn twist may now suggest that Michonne's reunion in the Commonwealth won't happen on screen. It's very rare in The Walking Dead for characters to bump into people they knew pre-outbreak, and the chances of that happening to Michonne twice in relatively quick succession are slim. Surely if the AMC series did plan to introduce Michonne's child at some point, they would've held off on the Jocelyn story for fear of repeating the same trick twice.

Will Daryl And Michonne Ever Get Closure On Rick?

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes with Daryl and Michonne in The Walking Dead

One of the most fascinating scenes in this week's series of flashbacks saw Daryl and a heavily pregnant Michonne combing the riverbanks near Alexandria for signs of Rick Grimes, whose body was never found because, unbeknownst to them, Jadis spirited him away via helicopter. The duo seems determined to get closure on Rick's fate but, somewhat surprisingly, it's Daryl who shows the most reluctance to move on. Not only does the scene confirm that Daryl lives alone in the woods because he's still searching for his friend, but he also claims that, no matter how much time passes, he'll never give up on Rick.

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But how do these attitudes compare to the present day? Since Daryl still dwells among the trees, it appears that his quest to solve Rick's disappearance goes on, even if progress has come to a complete halt. With that said, recent events regarding the Whisperers and Henry do seem to have refocused Daryl, and could ultimately prove to be the distraction he needs to finally move on from Rick.

Michonne's situation is quite different. Since The Walking Dead's time jump, Michonne has done little to indicate that she still harbors hope of finding Judith and R.J.'s father. Understandably, the demands of juggling single parent duties with leading Alexandria don't leave much time for chasing Rick-shaped shadows down by the river.

Perhaps the most interesting question is how this flashback will connect to the forthcoming trilogy of Rick-centric movies AMC have planned. While it's important that The Walking Dead as a TV series moves on from its former lead character, Rick's story would feel distinctly incomplete if Michonne and Daryl didn't at least discover what happened to him, especially after this week's flashback.

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