The Walking Dead: 4 Unanswered Questions After Season 9, Episode 13

Daryl and Beta in The Walking Dead episode Chokepoint

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 13, "Chokepoint", started to bring all of the lingering stories together for the Kingdom's upcoming fair, but it raised multiple questions that may or may not be answered right away. In last week's episode of The Walking Dead season 9, "Guardians", Daryl and Connie took a risk by rescuing Henry from the Whisperers camp, after first leaving Hilltop to find Lydia, who he had become infatuated with.

While Daryl and Connie left to bring back Henry, they ended up taking Lydia with them. And so, in order to defend themselves against a Whisperers search party, they all went to a decrepit apartment building that Connie's group was using as a safe house. That is where Daryl and the rest of them fought a group of Whisperers led by Beta. Luckily for them, they all got out alive with nothing more than a minor injury for Henry.

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Meanwhile, the Kingdom had a standoff with The Highwaymen, who had sent the Kingdom a threatening message regarding the upcoming fair. But since the Kingdom couldn't and wouldn't provide the supplies The Highwaymen wanted, they struck a bargain to allow the new group into the fair as long as they keep the roads safe. While The Walking Dead's "Chokepoint" episode was relatively self-contained, it opened up several questions that need to be answered.

4. Are The Highwaymen Taking The Saviors' Place On The Charter?

The Highwaymen on The Walking Dead

At the start of The Walking Dead season 9, Michonne came up with the idea to create a charter that would bind all the communities together and establish a universal rule of law; it would also promote trade between the communities so that they could all ensure each other's survival. Of course, that charter was never signed and it eventually just sat on a shelf collecting dust. Then, at some point in the six-year time jump, Tara gave Ezekiel the charter so that he could push for its ratification. But then he, too, let the charter collect dust - until recently, that is.

Ezekiel is planning to have The Walking Dead's charter signed at the upcoming fair - by the Kingdom, Hilltop, Alexandria, Oceanside, and... the Saviors. It was Carl's vision to have Negan and the Saviors join the rest of the communities prior to his death, and that's something Rick and Michonne both envisioned as well. The Walking Dead's charter includes all five communities, but with the Saviors gone, does that mean The Highwaymen will replace them?

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Carol and Ezekiel welcome The Highwaymen into the Kingdom so that they could participate in the fair and trade for whatever supplies they needed. In return, The Highwaymen agreed to keep the roads to the Kingdom safe so that all the other communities can partake in the fair. If there's any other community worthy of joining the rest of them, it's The Highwaymen. After all, The Walking Dead is unlikely to introduce yet another group this late in season 9.

3. Is Oceanside Still Attending The Fair?

The Walking Dead Community Banners

Oceanside helped the core communities defeat the Saviors in The Walking Dead season 8, but they were always resistant to doing anything that would expose them, which would potentially include signing the charter agreement and participating in the fair. But in The Walking Dead episode "Chokepoint", the Kingdom can be seen laying out a banner for Oceanside, as if they were still planning on attending the fair. The thing is, audiences haven't seen much of Oceanside since Daryl and Michonne discovered that they were killing Saviors... before the time jump.

A lot can happen in six years, and it's unclear if Oceanside is still standing. It's not like the communities were all on good terms. Michonne, who's responsible for Alexandria's security, didn't even know that Maggie left Hilltop. Furthermore, most people don't even know that Jesus is dead. We'll just have to wait and see if Oceanside is, one, still around and, two, going to attend the fair in the final episodes of The Walking Dead season 9.

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