Walking Dead Season 9 Made Some Shocking Choices - But They Fixed The Show

The Walking Dead Season 9's Time Jumps Worked

When The Walking Dead season 9 begins, it's been 18 months since the war with the Saviors ended. In that time, it's evident how things have changed as the communities continue to rebuild and look towards the future. This works to visibly and tonally distinguish season 9 from the previous seasons, but it also gives the story and characters a chance to reset following the war.

In the wake of Rick's exit from the series, The Walking Dead season 9 jumps ahead even further in time - six years! Skipping so far ahead in time is about as close to a soft reboot as an ongoing series like The Walking Dead can get, and it reinvigorated the show. There's some mystery surrounding what happened in the interim, and it's used effectively to tease out why certain characters are acting the way they are. The time jump also allows for young characters to grow up, like Henry and Judith, making them an interesting new addition to the main cast. There's even a bit of a jump between the season 9 penultimate episode, "The Calm Before" and the finale, "Storm", with the snowstorm suggesting that at least month or so has passed since the fair's tragic events.

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The Walking Dead isn't afraid to play around with time anymore, skipping ahead and flashing back as it suits the story they're telling. It's a bold choice for a series that had previously spent two seasons covering just a few months time and The Walking Dead season 9 is all the better for it.

The Whisperers Are The Best Walking Dead Villains in Years

Samantha Morton as Alpha and Whisperers in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 9 introduces a new kind of enemy in the Whisperers who are easily the best villains the show has featured in years. The Whisperers and their bizarre worldview are unlike anything the survivors have faced before. These are not simply more people with guns but a group who believe that the world as it was is over and humans must either adapt or die.

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To the Whisperers, that adaptation means disguising themselves with the skins of the dead and living among the walkers. They're led by a cruel and malicious woman, Alpha, and her devoted second-in-command, Beta. Together, they instill loyalty in their followers through fear, making them believe there is no better way to survive in this new world. And while The Walking Dead has certainly had cruel leaders before, none have proven so good at manipulating people with a cult-like devotion as Alpha.

The Whisperers' greatest weapon is their proximity to the walkers, using them both as protection and as an attack. This has made combating the Whisperers difficult and already Alpha has claimed several victims. To what lengths Daryl, Michonne, and the rest of the survivors will go to defeat Alpha and her Whisperers is sure to be fascinating to watch unfold in season 10, and that in itself is more than can be said of any obstacle from recent seasons of The Walking Dead.

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