Rick Rallies The Troops In New Walking Dead Season 8 Promo

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AMC releases a new The Walking Dead teaser for season 8 showcasing Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes rallying his group of survivors against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). The finale of season 7 saw the Alexandrians preparing for war against Negan's saviors with Ezekiel's troupe arriving and prepared for an epic battle.

While this new promo has Rick promising that no matter what happens, the Alexandrians have already won, there are a number of other forces at play here that will make season 8 of The Walking Dead tougher than ever for Rick's team. They've become something entirely different than any of them thought it could be and stand united, but the show itself teases that "what comes next ain't gonna be pretty."

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AMC's new promo was unveiled on Instagram and certainly hints that things are going to kick into high gear instantly. After looking over just where Rick has been the past eight seasons, as well as giving fans the first glimpse of an older Judith, Rick's rallying cry is set to scenes of him and Daryl teaming up again, and a mysterious shot of a long hospital corridor. The Alexandrians have beaten a lot over the past eight seasons but their biggest obstacle, the writers of the show, have more tricks up their sleeve that Rick and company are going to have to face.

But what comes next ain’t gonna be pretty. Season 8 premieres October 22. #TWD

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From the stars hoping to explore Negan's backstory in season 8 to the shift in tone that the producers have promised, The Walking Dead is continuing the inevitable shift that comes with 100 episodes. The new season will feel "more like an 80s action movie" and Negan can even toss around F-bombs with a degree of freedom, somewhat more than the show could in previous seasons. All bets are even off for long-term characters. The fans saying goodbye to Glenn hurt, and both the show's producer and star seem to hint that even Rick Grimes, the erstwhile hero, could make an exit.

With the groundbreaking show staring down 100 episodes it's not clear if these are hints at things to come or if they're simply tools used by television producers to raise interest in the series. The fans have plenty of things to worry about and look forward to during season 8. After all they, like Rick, have beaten all the odds and become something new and exciting for the eighth season. No matter what happens to any of the characters the fans are ready for war and like the Alexandrians, they've already won.

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The Walking Dead season 8 premieres Sunday October 22 on AMC

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