The Walking Dead Keeps the Faith in New Season 8 Promo

A war can’t be fought alone. Season 8 premieres October 22. #TWD

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Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors are keeping the faith as they head off to begin all-out war with Negan and the Saviors in a new promo for The Walking Dead season 8. The all-out war arc is expected to dominate at least the first half of season 8, with a possible time-jump coming later in the season as teased by the appearance of Old Man Rick in trailers past.

The events of the Walking Dead season 7 finale left Alexandria in shambles, Sasha dead and Rick and the Alexandrians in a daze after being betrayed by the junkyard gang and nearly getting wiped out by Negan. Everything would have been lost had Ezekiel, Carol and the Kingdom army not shown up in the nick of time to rescue Alexandria from the rampaging Saviors. Though he was forced to retreat, Negan quickly regrouped at his compound and made ready to rally his troops for a new assault on the Alexandrians and their Kingdom allies.

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A new promo clip for The Walking Dead season 8 posted on Twitter shows Rick rallying his troops for the all-out war to come. "The world is ours by right," Rick declares in stirring Churchillian voice-over while shots of our favorite characters roll by. But partway through the clip a new voice breaks in and picks up the inspirational thread from Rick.

Walking Dead Season 8 Photo Rick Maggie

Instead of Rick, it's Maggie we hear offering the most stirring words to the soldiers as they make ready for battle. "We need to keep our faith in each other," Maggie declares. And if they can stick together in the face of their enemy she promises, "The future is ours. The world is ours."

Maggie taking over the inspirational reins from Rick teases a major character development in season 8. She became the survivors' main inspiration to carry on after becoming pregnant, the promise of new life representing hope in a world that seemed utterly doomed. However, Maggie was devastated by Glenn's brutal death at the hands of Negan and spent much of season 7 paralyzed by remorse over the role she played in allowing the group to fall into Negan's trap, and trying to stay out of harm's way due to her condition. Based on this new promo, it seems she's ready to step up and become a major leader in the war in season 8, even though she's still carrying Glenn's child.

We still don't know for certain if season 8 will contain that time-jump that seemed to be teased by Old Man Rick, but we do know that there will be tons of action up front as the show's two opposing factions go to war. The Walking Dead season 8 looks like it's ready to ramp things up quickly and no doubt fans should prepare themselves for plenty of surprises down the road (and lots of terrible Negan one-liners).

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The Walking Dead season 8 premieres Sunday, October 22nd on AMC.

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