Walking Dead Season 8: 10 Rumors Confirmed To Be True (And 5 We Hope Aren't)

When The Walking Dead returns with season 8 for its 100th episode, fans will undoubtedly be glued to their television sets to see what's going to happen between Rick and Negan. The impending battle between their groups has been brewing for much of Season 7, but we watched Rick become a docile leader, giving into Negan's demands and whims with barely any retaliation. That's all about to change.

Many rumors erupted the minute the season 7 finale ended. Speculations about characters and plots ran rampant around social media - it was hard to nail down a reliable theory or thought. As the months went on, as comic conventions released bits of The Walking Dead information, and as sources directly from the show revealed scraps about season 8, some of those rumors became confirmed.

However, some stories cropped up that were too crazy to believe, too crazy for fans to accept if it was planned to happen in the show. This compiled list contains information that creators, actors, and showrunners have mentioned in interviews, conversations, articles, and social media.

Here's Walking Dead Season 8: 10 Rumors Confirmed To Be True (And 5 We Hope Aren't).


15 Confirmed: Rick Finally Stands Up To Negan

Rick Grimes is the heart and soul of The Walking Dead. But when Negan came along and truly showed Rick and his group who was the alpha male, there appeared to be a new leader in town - one who reveled in treating Rick with indifference and disdain.

Season 7 was bad for Rick, Alexandria, and anyone who was on his side. Negan had control and it seemed there was nothing anyone could do. But as the final few episodes aired, fans saw the original Rick Grimes return. A Rick that knew what needed to be done and how to get it done.

The plan to fight back was already beginning at the end of season 7, but expect Rick to stand up and fight against Negan like he hasn't before. Season 8 will follow the "All Out War" arc in the comics, and all out war is exactly what you're going to get.

14 Confirmed: Saviors Have Problems


The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page shared some interesting information about the filming of episode 12 of season 8. The tease is that the Saviors are running low on ammunition, indicating they are losing the fight. The claims also speculate it could denote Negan' role in future episodes, if he continues past season 7.

The Saviors should not be running out of ammo after they took Eugene simply for his bullet-making knowledge. But as you know, Negan rarely had Eugene make bullets, instead having him perform other tasks for the compound. Being so much later in the season, is it possible that, at this point, Eugene is back with Rick?

By episode 12, Negan could be losing the battle, but that isn't confirmed, and everyone will have to find out when that episode airs.

13 Hope It's Not True: Lucille Is Destroyed

Negan carries around the most famous baseball bat in television, maybe even in the world. He's wrapped it in barbed-wired and named it Lucille. And it's especially famous due to what Negan did with "her" in the season 7 premiere.

Negan talks to and about Lucille as if it's a real person and uses it to create terror in others.

Reported by The Spoiling Dead Fans - a Facebook group that recounts scenes as they are filmed as best they can - a rumor that hasn't been confirmed states that Lucille will be destroyed.

It's been reported Negan crashes a car, gets out, and escapes to a nearby building. It's not sure if he had Lucille with him at that time. It's rumored that Lucille will be consumed in a fire, and speculation is Daryl will set Lucille on fire as retribution.

12 Confirmed: Negan Is On The Run

The Spoiling Dead Fans page also reported when Negan crashes his car, he runs into a building, but it appears that he is escaping from something or someone.

Negan appears to be fleeing instead of fighting. He wasn't seen with anyone, but sometimes sneaking peeks at film sets is tricky, and it's possible Negan could have been meeting up with someone.

Rumors says that The Sanctuary - where the Saviors live - decimated, with the zombie fence torn down. Viewers knew that an attack from Rick and crew was forthcoming, but how the Sanctuary looks gives further evidence that Negan may have been scared away from the area.

And if Negan is out on his own, there's speculation that the Scavengers have deserted him, as well as many of his followers from the Sanctuary, including Simon.

11 Confirmed: Two New Characters

Some time in Season 8, two new characters will make their appearance - Dillon and Abbud. Both characters are exclusive to television, although Dillon may be a combination of several characters from the comic book series.

TVLine describes Dillon as "a sexy, blue-collar twenty-something whose survival skills include sarcasm." Other characters in the TV show have had this type of description. Remember Spencer and Nicholas?

A Muslim American, Abbud has been living through the zombie apocalypse by himself. Still, his nerves are "jangled" according to TVLine. Abbud isn't the first Muslim American to grace The Walking Dead. In season 7, the show introduced Nabila, who lived in the Kingdom.

The part of the rumor that isn't confirmed is that only one of the new characters will go beyond season 8. Speculation is that Dillon will make it. Whether that means Abbud will die or continue his solo life is up in the air.

10 Hope It Isn't True: Rick Kills Negan


The animosity between Rick and Negan drove much of season 7, with Negan winning all debates and altercations both physically and verbally. However, rumor has it that Rick may kill Negan - as he has promised - during or after the "All Out War" story arc.

In the comics, Negan was captured and held in a specially-built jail cell in Alexandria. Negan is a well-loved character, though he didn't do well-loved things, and killing him in the show may cause an uproar with people who want to see a parallel of the Negan storyline from the comics on TV.

But if anyone should be allowed to kill Negan, it should be Rick. But should The Walking Dead continue to bring the same enemies from the comics, then Negan will be missed if The Whisperers make an appearance.

9 Confirmed: More About Negan

For a villain, Negan is charismatic and engaging to watch. Fans and viewers love to hate him and hate to love him. His psyche is so tortured, you probably wonder how Negan got to be the man he is. Well, in season 8 you might get some answers.

If you want to read about Negan before and right after the zombie apocalypse, be sure to check out "Here's Negan" in the Image+ magazine available at any comic shop. Each month, four pages of Negan's story is available to read and goes into detail about his wife and those people he meets up with when the zombies start to appear.

Jeffrey Dead Morgan hopes there's a full episode of Negan's backstory, but fans will at least learn tidbits about Negan here and there throughout season 8, beyond the viciousness he displays.

8 Confirmed: Eugene is Team Negan

Fans of The Walking Dead couldn't quite figure out Eugene when he switched sides and joined Negan. His "I am Negan" mantra haunted Rosita and Sasha, who felt he betrayed them and the rest of Rick's group. But he's smart, right? He's only doing it for his safety, and more indirectly, his former group's safety. Is that really true?

The actor who plays Eugene, Josh McDermitt, stated in an interview that Eugene is all Team Negan. He says specifically his character is full-on Negan. This means that Eugene's story in the television show is completely opposite of the comics. McDermitt defended his character, saying Eugene is about "self-preservation" and "looking out for himself."

Fans became so irate and frustrated with the Eugene allegiance flip-flop that McDermitt stopped using his social media profiles and accounts.

7 Hope Isn't True: No flashbacks Of Glenn

Glenn was an obvious fan favorite on the show and - whether it was to stay true to the comic books or not - he died. Most fans expected Glenn's death in the season 7 premiere - though not Abraham's - but they still were flabbergasted when it became real on screen.

Viewers were treated to flashbacks of Abraham via Sasha and Rosita throughout season 7, so it seems logical flashbacks of Glenn are bound to happen. Will they happen in season eight? Once again, showrunner Scott Gimple had somewhat of an answer. He stated that it would be "silly to say they wouldn't happen" and it's "certainly possible."

The quantity of flashbacks that might transpire is unclear. It depends on how much time passes during season 8; the more the baby grows inside of Maggie, the more she may need to grieve Glenn's passing.

6 Confirmed: King Ezekiel Will Loosen Up


King Ezekiel, played by Khary Payton, is the enigmatic leader of the Kingdom, who presents a medieval vibe to outsiders and his followers with confidence. Only once has Ezekiel dropped the façade: in season 7, he revealed his inner self to Carol. He enlightened Carol about his past before "ruling" over the Kingdom and why he conducts himself as he does.

Payton revealed in an interview on the set of The Walking Dead that Ezekiel may lose the King act more often. The actor said, "I think you'd be remiss not to use that aspect of him in some way, shape, or form."

That might mean King Ezekiel will play a large part in season 8, and while fans shouldn't expect a lengthy backstory, the new seasons should at least develop the character a little more.

5 Confirmed: "Old Man Rick" From Trailer Will Be Explained

At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, AMC revealed the trailer for season 8. It focused on the impeding war between Rick and company and Negan and his group. There were explosions, shots of main characters, and intense dialogue.

The end of the trailer shows Rick in bed - similar to the hospital scene in the very first episode. He's obviously older, sporting a bigger, grayer beard, and appears to need the use of a cane.

A number of fan theories erupted, from Rick is waking up from a dream to Rick being dead. The same scene happened in the comics, but it was a two-year jump into the future after the "All Out War" story arc, so it remains to be seen if it will be the same idea in the TV series.

Luckily, you won't have to wait long. Gimple stated that "'Old Man Rick" is in the season 8 premiere and fans will know what's going on with that by mid-season.

4 Hope It Isn't True: Rosita Being Phased Out

Rosita Espinosa has been a vibrant main character since her debut in the "Inmates" episode in season 4. Eventually she developed an intimate relationship with Abraham, until she witnessed his death in the season 7 premiere.

In real life, the actress who plays Rosita, Christian Serratos, had a baby on May 1st and took maternity leave. May 1st happened to be the first full shooting day on The Walking Dead. The baby wasn't actually due for a couple weeks, and Serratos was going to be on set for the initial shooting, but the baby decided to arrive early.

Rosita was shot at the end of season 7, so for continuity's sake, she will be recovering from that, but Scott Gimple told EW, "There will be a notable sort of Rosita-lessness early on."

Let's hope her diminished role doesn't include the whole season, and that it's not an indication her character is being phased out or killed.

3 Confirmed: Maggie Will Not Have Her Baby

The upcoming season 8 of The Walking Dead will have 16 episodes, and none of those will feature Maggie having her baby. During a preview special for season 8, Chris Hardwick asked showrunner Scott Gimple if Maggie will have her baby in the new season. The question came from a fan of the show.

Gimple had no issues answering that question: "Maggie's baby will not be born in season eight." Then he added, "But anything's possible." Which means they could change their mind during the season, or that they've already filmed Maggie's delivery.

Since season 8 is about the war between Rick's group and Negan's clan, perhaps the reason Maggie won't have her baby in the upcoming season is because the show felt putting a baby in immediate danger wouldn't be responsible. Plus, it's been calculated that Maggie is about three months pregnant.

2 Confirmed: Daryl Will Deal With Glenn's Death


Daryl, in a fit of rage, threw a punch at Negan in the season 7 premiere when Negan killed Abraham. In response, Negan bashed Glenn's head in with his bat, Lucille. Ever since that moment, Daryl has clearly felt guilty, but never really had a chance to come to terms with being responsible.

While it may not be completely his fault, dealing with Glenn's death will strengthen Daryl in the upcoming fight with the Saviors and Scavengers. Rick and his group need Daryl 100% physically and emotionally if they are to overcome Negan.

Creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, stated that Daryl and his grief "will be a plot point for Daryl at some point in the next season. It's something that will get addressed." Let's hope it's handled early in the season rather than later.

1 Hope It Isn't True: Multi-Season All Out War Story Arc

The Walking Dead has a knack for drawing out episodes, storylines, and seasons. When characters split up, what takes three to four episodes to accomplish could be done in one. Some fans found this frustrating, feeling the series dragged along, while others enjoyed the additional time given to characters and plotlines.

Scott Gimple told TVLine the season is spread about among all characters and often shifts between them in single episodes. That bodes well for an action-packed season, but as "All Out War" finishes in season 8 - if it does - there may still be unresolved stories, unanswered questions that arose, or a cliffhanger that didn't need to happen.

The "All Out War" storyline is a major event for The Walking Dead. The show needs to ensure the war is resolved by the end of the season. Gimple has said the storyline will be focused to one season, but that's a vague statemen. The war could be over, but what of the characters and side-stories related to "All Out War?"


What confirmed rumors are you excited bout? What rumors do you hope aren't true? Let us know in the comments!

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Sunday, October 22.

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