How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere

The Walking Dead's season 8 premiere is this Sunday night. Here’s how to watch it, whether you’re watching online or on traditional TV.

Rick and Daryl in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead's season 8 premiere airs Sunday night, and here’s how to watch it. Even in the current age of DVR and next-day streaming, The Walking Dead remains a show that is almost essential to watch live, as it happens. With the exception of HBO's Game of Thrones, no other series airing in the traditional one new episode per week format is as heavily discussed on social media after the fact. TWD is the classic "watercooler show," and anyone unable to tune in live - or at least soon after airing - risks being left out of the next day's cultural conversation.

While some aspects of season 7 earned criticism from fans, it didn't do much to the bottom line; even with the finale being at a five-year lowThe Walking Dead remaining on top of the list of highest rated shows. There's no reason to expect TWD to fall off that perch with season 8, especially since the upcoming All-Out War arc is one of the most anticipated in series history. Season 8's premiere airs Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c, and for those looking to tune in live, there are a variety of ways available to do so.

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In the United States: The most obvious way to watch The Walking Dead in the U.S. is to watch the show live on AMC, or on-demand later on the AMC app. That doesn’t mean cord cutters are out of luck though, as there are several other avenues one can use to access AMC online. DirectTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and Youtube TV all offer AMC as part of their standard internet-based TV packages, which range from $30-40 per month. Sling TV also offers AMC as part of both its $20 Sling Orange and $25 Sling Blue tiers. Notably, Hulu Live does not offer AMC. Additionally, those not looking to subscribe to a service can buy ongoing next-day access to season 8 episodes on either Amazon or iTunes for a one-time fee of $41.99 or $42.99, respectively.

The Walking Dead Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In Canada: The Walking Dead airs live on AMC in Canada as well. Online viewing options for TWD aren’t as plentiful up north as down in the US, but Itunes does offer Canadian users the same one-time purchase option for the entirety of season 8. Interestingly, the listed price for the season 8 Itunes pass in Canada is actually slightly less than the US price, coming in at $39.99.

In the United Kingdom: The Walking Dead airs live on FOX across the pond, but the catch is that season 8's UK premiere is a day later than in the US, on Monday, October 23. The iTunes season 8 pass option also applies to the UK as well, priced at £29.99. Cord cutters can also watch TWD season 8 live using the Now TV online service, which includes FOX in its 11-channel Entertainment Pass for a monthly fee of £7.99.

Rick's makeshift army and Negan's Saviors begin their likely to be epic battle tomorrow night. Will TWD season 8 correct the problems of season 7? Will an important character or characters not survive the season 8 premiere? There’s only one way to find out.

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