Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Has "A Ton of Action"

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 7 ended with a burst of action as Negan and the Saviors, with a little help from the turncoat Scavengers, went to war with Rick and the Alexandrians. Luckily, Ezekiel and the Kingdom (with Carol and Morgan in tow) showed up in the nick of time to save Rick, Michonne and the gang from being wiped out by Negan and his new ally Jadis.

At the very end of the Season 7 finale, while the Alexandrians paused to lick their wounds and remember their fallen, we saw Negan rallying his own troops and preparing for another assault on Alexandria. The Walking Dead Season 8 will arrive on AMC beginning in October and the expectation is that things will get very crazy very early, with the possibility of a time jump occurring somewhere later on.

In an interview with EW, Walking Dead producer Denise Huth gave an update from the set where filming on the premiere of Season 8 - the show's 100th episode as coincidence would have it - has already begun. Huth confirmed that it won't take long for things to get rolling after the show returns:

"It’s a ton of action. It’s super exciting. I think it will be really, really satisfying. As a fan of the show — and I am a fan of the show — when I read it, it was like “Awww, I can’t wait! It’s going to be great!” It’s worth the worth the wait to get to this moment."

Having Season 8 kick off with an exciting, action-packed episode will be a stark contrast to the premiere of Season 7, which was all darkness and horror as Negan sent Abraham and Glenn packing to the afterlife by bashing in their skulls in the most graphic way possible. Not that the action on The Walking Dead became tame, but nothing as truly horrific as the events in the premiere happened again during the rest of Season 7. Though Negan remained menacing and did get a chance to use Lucille again, the show seemed to shy away from having him go as far as in the premiere and in fact the character was seen much less regularly in the season's second half.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

With Alexandrians and the Saviors now at all out war, it makes sense that The Walking Dead would pack in a lot more action for Season 8, especially in the early episodes (which is where the action tends to be packed in TWD anyway, before things sort themselves into the normal pattern of walking, talking and occasional battles). Much of Season 7 was concerned with preparing for that war - the group looking for weapons, Rick negotiating with the other communities or outright robbing them if negotiations didn't work out - and now presumably we should see at least a few episodes of consequences unfolding before any new storylines are introduced.

As always with The Walking Dead, plot details are sure to be kept under wraps, but now that Season 8 is filming there should also be a few leaks from the set. Things won't be nearly as crazy this year on the speculation front as they were last year when everyone was in suspense after the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. There is some suspense headed into Season 8 but it's nowhere near on the level we saw last summer as we waited to find out the identities of Negan's victims.

Source: EW

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