Rick & Maggie Are Ready for War in Walking Dead Season 8 Photo

Andrew Lincoln as Rick in The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale

A new photo from The Walking Dead season 8 shows Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) ready for war against Negan. While Rick Grimes and his ragtag group of zombie apocalypse survivors have encountered multiple dangerous enemies over the course of The Walking Dead's run, they were always able to prevail in the end, and accomplish their goals. That was until encountering Negan and his sadistic Saviors. An arguably way overconfident Rick assumed that he could simply take the Saviors out like they have done to enemies in the past, only to learn that Negan's manpower and resources were unlike anything Rick's group has encountered before.

Overwhelmed by Negan's might, Rick tried his best to adjust to life under the Saviors' thumb, providing Negan and crew with supplies at the expense of his own people. If it saved lives, Rick presumed it was for the greater good, regardless of the misgivings that Michonne, Maggie, and Carl expressed. After awhile though, it became clear that not even working for Negan guaranteed the safety of Rick's surrogate family, and all parties involved on the heroic side came to realize there was only one recourse: all-out war against Negan.

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Despite recent tragedies, production on The Walking Dead season 8 chugs along, and the premiere - The Walking Dead's 100th episode - gets ever closer. EW revealed a new photo from season 8, featuring Rick and Maggie gearing up for the impending conflict. Check it out below.

The Walking Dead season 8 Rick and Maggie

One can't help but notice that Maggie looks a bit concerned in the above photo, while Rick looks more confident, perhaps having regained all the leadership mojo that he lost following his public humiliation by Negan. Armed with a really big gun, Rick has his hand on Maggie's shoulder, and looks to possibly be reassuring her that the quest they're about to embark on is the right thing to do. There will definitely be casualties in this war, but the end of deposing Negan justifies the brutal means.

Rick and Maggie actually have quite a bit in common at this point in TWD history. Rick lost his wife Lori, while Maggie lost her husband Glenn. Both Rick and Maggie bear the burden of trying to raise small children in such a dangerous apocalyptic landscape. Also, while Rick was thrust into the leadership role early on and always seems to find his way back to it, Maggie now seems poised to be just as reliable a leader going forward. Both will no doubt be invaluable generals in the coming war.

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The Walking Dead season 8 premieres on AMC this October.

Source: EW

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