The Walking Dead: Morgan Will Struggle Not to Kill in Season 8

Walking Dead - Lennie James as Morgan Jones

In The Walking Dead season 8, Morgan will try to "hold that beast at bay" and not kill others. This comes on the heels of the peace-loving character breaking his own rule back in season 7, when he decided to take a more ruthless approach to dealing with the Saviors.

Played by Lennie James, Morgan Jones and his son were the first survivors encountered by Rick after he awoke from his coma in the pilot episode. Morgan had guest appearances in a handful of episodes before becoming a series regular in season 6. After losing his son off-screen, Morgan has experienced a great deal of character growth. Struggling with anger and violent tendencies, Morgan adopted a no-killing rule. In season 7, when Richard's attempt to instigate a conflict between the Kingdom and the Saviors resulted in the death of Benjamin, Morgan finally snapped and brutally killed Richard. The character was later seen killing the Saviors in the battle against Negan in the season 7 finale.

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In an interview with Comic Book, James talked about the current direction of his character and his motivations. According to James, Morgan decided in the season 7 finale to "to walk in a straight line and kill every Savior that he comes across," and that the character may not be ready to come back from that just yet. James says that Morgan knew what he was capable of all along, and this is what motivated him to stop killing in the first place:

Morgan from The Walking Dead

Somebody made the analogy of what Morgan was going through is almost like a 12 step program. Because he knows who he is. You know, Morgan's decision to not kill was never about cowardice, it was never about fear. The only fear he had is the fear of who he is, and what he's like and what he does when he's killing.

Now that he's begun killing again, Morgan may not be able to "hold that beast bay." James compares Morgan's struggles with comic book characters, in saying that Morgan will be flipping between Spider-Man and Venom. We've seen this dark side of Morgan before. We discovered through flashbacks that Morgan was able to find inner peace by learning Akido. Ever since, his life philosophy has been consistently challenged. It's no surprise that if anyone could make Morgan violate his own principles, it would be Negan and the Saviors.

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Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday, October 22, on AMC.

Source: Comic Book

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