The Walking Dead Star Promises 'More Death' to Come in Season 8

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Looks like The Walking Dead isn't done killing off characters just yet. Series regular Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel on the long running show, promises watchers there's more death to come before the end of season 8. Fans of the show were shocked when cast regular Carl Grimes, played by Chandler Riggs, was killed off a few episodes ago. Those still struggling to deal with Carl's death are warned by Gilliam there's more where that came from.

While Carl may have been the biggest character killed off this season so far, we've said goodbye to plenty of supporting cast members from Jordan Woods-Robinson's Eric to Jayson Warner Smith's Gavin to basically all of the Scavengers. The loss of King Ezekiel's tiger, Shiva, was possibly even more heartbreaking than the death of Carl. With episode 11 set to air, Gilliam is warning fans to be prepared to lose even more.


Gilliam spoke to Comicbook and needed only two words to let fans know what to expect when his character returns to the small screen in the episode, "Dead or Alive Or," and the episodes that follow until the conclusion of season 8: "More death." The actor admitted that losing so many cast mates is sometimes hard to deal with, saying, "It does take its toll."

While fans of the show are waiting to see what's in store for Father Gabriel, Gilliam admits that he's enjoyed the fact that his character was captured by the Saviours, simply because it allows him to interact with more of the show's cast. "It's been pretty cool, it's been pretty cool to be in different worlds while still being in the same world of Walking Dead," Gilliam said. "You know? To being on different sets and working with different actors. I love working with Josh [McDermitt] and with Jeffrey [Dean Morgan], so I was excited to be able to have the opportunity to do that."

Every season we seem to see at least one major character killed off, and with Carl already gone it doesn't seem likely that we'll see another major character leaving. However, fan favorite Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie Ghee, still hasn't signed a contract for season 9 yet and has reportedly even signed on to star in an upcoming ABC pilot, Whiskey Cavalier, leaving fans to wonder if Maggie will be the next major casualty in the world of The Walking Dead.

Gilliam's promise of more death isn't shocking given that the current season has followed the blueprint laid out by previous seasons. Negan and Rick are still fighting for power and control but after Simon's massacre of the Scavengers becomes common knowledge, will he also try to fight for his own power? Things are definitely going to get even messier than they already are not only for the Saviours but for everyone caught in the crossfire once word gets out about Simon's actions.

While last week's episode was the lowest rated episode since season 1, AMC hasn't seemed to have lost its confidence in the show or the showrunners. In addition to spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, current showrunner and future chief content officer, Scott M. Gimple has promised even more Walking Dead content in the future. While he hasn't elaborated on what that entails, it seems AMC is fully confident there are more zombie apocalypse stories to tell.


The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

Source: Comicbook

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