The Walking Dead: Daryl Is 'Ready To Kill Everybody' in Season 8

Norman Reedus as Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15

Daryl is fixated on revenge in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. The eighth season of the AMC series is almost upon us with a promise of an all-out war between Rick's and Negan's troops. While everyone is burning with desire to get vengeance against the bat-swinging, ruthless antagonist, Daryl seems to be the most motivated of them all - with Norman Reedus revealing that he will stop at nothing just to make sure that justice is served to those who have treated him and his friends horribly.

The Walking Dead season 7 was a pretty round time for Daryl in general. From being separated from everyone else to being Negan's personal emotional and physical toy, the crossbow-wielding Alexandrian obviously has a lot of pent up anger towards the Saviors and their leader. This year, after losing hope and being almost degraded to a prisoner, he is finally back on its feet and is ready to seek justice for himself and his friends who have been oppressed one way or another by the show's current big bad.

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Speaking to EW while doing the press rounds for The Walking Dead season 8, Reedus talked about Daryl's mindset when the show returns - revealing that he now has a tunnel vision, when it comes to making sure that Negan and his cohorts pay for what they did to his own brood:

Rick and Daryl in The Walking Dead

Reedus further hyped the return of AMC's post-apocalyptic TV series by comparing seasons 8 and 7. While fans were generally divided over The Walking Dead's seventh season, the actor says season 8 will be reminiscent of the old Walking Dead - action-packed and thrilling to watch:

 “Season 8 feels like our old show again. The people I like working with the most are the ones I’m working with again. The gang’s back together. The fight’s back in it. Last year was so rough. It didn’t feel like our show and I know it is our show, and you’ve got to do stuff like that, but last year felt so disconnected. Everyone was so disconnected in the core group. So it feels like it used to feel again which is really exciting.”

While Daryl's motivation is rooted in experiencing his own version of hell while imprisoned in the Savior's camp, chances are that he is extra determined to bring Negan down as some form of redemption for himself. His outburst in the season 7 premiere was what ultimately caused Glenn's death and we all know that he still harbors guilt over that, especially with Maggie being pregnant. Having said that, Reedus' comments about his character basically having a tendency to go on a killing-spree is not necessarily a good thing. It could compromise the elaborate plan that Rick, Ezekiel, and Maggie, who has become an unofficial leader of the Hilltop community, have come up with to end Negan's reign.

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The Walking Dead season 8 premieres Sunday, October 22 on AMC.

Source: EW

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