Everyone Who Died (So Far) in The Walking Dead Season 8


Gunther - one of the Saviors who refers to himself as Negan - attempted to do right by his people and bring the King back to the Sanctuary. Since Ezekiel was wounded in the gunfight, though, he was trudging along, perhaps hoping either someone would save him or he would find a moment in which he could save himself. The former ended up being true, as Jerry, in all his might, struck down Gunther with his ax, slicing the Savior in half and saving the King. While Gunther's appearance was brief, it did manage to show how loyal people are to Negan.


Walking Dead Ezekiel And Shiva

Upon being rescued by Jerry, Ezekiel and his right-hand man found themselves trapped and repelling a horde of walkers in season 8, episode 4, "Some Guy." Of course, someone's always around to save them, and this time that happened to be Carol, who let the Saviors escape with the M2 Browning Machine Gun so she could save the King and Jerry. But as they were making their way back to the Kingdom, they came across another horde of walkers.

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After seeing his entire army decimated, Ezekiel wants to sacrifice himself, for he feels he's not worthy of the title of King. After all, he's just some guy, right? Well, Shiva didn't think so. Ezekiel's tiger and trusty companion leaped into action and saved Ezekiel from all the walkers, but she failed to escape and was subsequently eaten by the horde. So, after losing his army, Ezekiel also lost Shiva - all in one day. That's why he was so broken when he returned to the Kingdom.


In season 8, episode 8, "How It's Gotta Be," Aaron and Enid travel to Oceanside to meet with survivors there and request their help in aiding Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom in their war with the Saviors. The group first appeared in season 7, when Tara accidentally came upon the camp while searching for loot for the Saviors. Although Tara was almost killed trying to convince them to let her leave, she returned with Rick and the others later that season and took the group's weapons to use in the all-out war.

The third time the group made their appearance was in the season 8 midseason finale, in which Enid shot and killed an attacker who was trying to subdue Aaron. Unfortunately, that attacker was Natania - Cyndie's grandmother and the leader of Oceanside. When The Walking Dead returns for the back half of season 8, Aaron and Enid may have an even tougher time convincing Oceanside's survivors to fight alongside them, now that their leader is dead.


The Walking Dead Season 8 How Its Gotta Be Carl

The biggest death of the season so far (and arguably of the entire series) is Carl Grimes, played by Chandler Riggs. The actor first appeared on the critically-acclaimed zombie drama in the series premiere way back in October 2010, and he's remained a series regular ever since. For his character to be killed off (or soon-to-be-killed off) is a profound shock to longtime viewers who've watched Riggs grow into the character over the past seven years. Of course, Carl's death further proves the oft-regurgitated belief that no one's safe. It's a terrifying reminder that longtime and fan-favorite characters can bite the bullet - or, in this case, be bitten by a walker.

Carl was bitten by a walker while trying to bring Siddiq back to Alexandria, just as he tells his father, Rick Grimes, at the end of season 8's midseason finale, "How It's Gotta Be." Series showrunner Scott M. Gimple reassured fans that Carl's comic book story arc will continue through other characters, which is something they've done with several other characters in the past, those who've met their untimely demise on-screen long before they died in the comics.

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